Sysmex Journal International

2005Vol.15 No.2

Scientific Seminar

High Science Amidst High Mountains —The Sysmex European Symposium 2005 in St. Wolfgang, Austria



Sysmex Europe GmbH


The Sysmex European Symposium 2005 in St. Wolfgang at the Lake St. Wolfgang in Austria was the 3rd in a row of biannual symposia. All took place on the shore of Alpine lakes : in Pfäffikon at the Lake Zurich in Switzerland ( 2001 ), and in Sirmione at the Lake Garda in Italy ( 2003 ).

The Motto of the symposium was AOKI, the abbrevia-tion for Sysmex's concepts and solutions in Analytics, Organisation, Knowledge and Information. In addition, AOKI is a pun, standing for " blue tree " in Japanese language. The outstanding lectures covered many aspects automated cell identification and counting in haematology, new parameters and clinical applications, integrated laboratory concepts, and state of the art test result interpretation and transmission. The symposium attracted more than 380 visitors from all over Europe, and even guests from America, Africa and Asia found their way to St. Wolfgang.