Sysmex Journal International

2005Vol.15 No.1


Automated Bone Marrow Analysis : Dream or Reality?



Research Center for the Development and Clinical Evaluation of Automated Methods in Hematology, Hematology Department, Catholic University of Sacred Heart


This study shows that it is possible to quantify bone mar-row cellularity using the automated total nucleated cell count ( TNCC = NRBC + WBC ) due to the very close correlation, which exists with the microscopy assess-ment. By simultaneously using the XE-2100 analysis of PB and BMF there exists a very rapid and reliable method to discriminate evaluable from non-evaluable specimens. Using the cytogram pattern it is also possible to discriminate normal from certain pathological samples.

Using this routine of automated BMF analysis, there is now an opportunity, prior to conventional microscopy examination, to comment on certain specimens quickly, allowing clinical decision more or less immediately to repeat the bone marrow aspirate or to perform a marrow biopsy if necessary. This way it is possible to improve the efficiency of patient management.


Bone Marrow Analysis, NRBC Count, Automated Hematology Analyzer, XE-2100


This article is re-printed from the " Proceedings of the Sysmex European Symposium 2003 " pp.57-67.