Sysmex Journal International

2004Vol.14 No.1


Proposed Cell Count Normal Limits for Urines Processed on the Sysmex UF-100 — Determination by Retrospective Statistical Analysis of "Normalised" Urine Data


Joanne DUVAL

Applications Specialist, Laboratory Systems Division, Roche Diagnostics New Zealand Ltd


Obtaining a suitable population, in sufficient numbers, for a prospective reference range study is a significant challenge for most medical diagnostic laboratories. Previously published normal limits for cell counts performed using the Sysmex UF-100 fully automated urine cell analyzer appear to be limited in number and the suggested normal ranges differ dramatically among those reviewed. To obtain normal limits, rather than perform a prospective reference range study, a retrospective statistical analysis of " normalised " urine cell count data was performed and the method and results are presented here. The limits established compare well with some of those previously published. In lieu of a full and formal reference/normal range study, this approach and these results will be useful for laboratories using the Sysmex UF-100 system.


Fully Automated Urine Cell Analyzer, UF-100, Normal Ranges, Urine Cell Counts