Sysmex Journal International

2003Vol.13 No.2


PT and aPTT Evaluation of Automated Coagulation Analyzer, Sysmex CA-7000


Chang Soo LEE, Chan Jeoung PARK, So Young KANG, Ji Myung KIM, Dong Jei KIM,
Byung Cheol CHO, and Hyun Sook CHI

Department of Laboratory Medicine, Asan Medical Center


CA-7000 ( Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Japan ) is a completely automated coagulation analyzer that performs clotting, chromogenic and immunological tests.We evaluated the analytical performances of prothrombin time ( PT ) and activated partial thromboplastin time ( aPTT ), and the usefulness as the emergency coagulation analyzer.

Neoplastin Cl Plus ( Diagnostica STAGO, France ) and Thromborel S ( ISI 1.01, Dade Behring, USA ) were used for measurement of PT, and PTT A 5 ( Diagnostica STAGO ), Actin FS ( Dade Behring ) and CaCl2 ( Dade Behring ) for aPTT. We evaluated the precision and accuracy of PT and aPTT. Comparison study was performed by comparing the results of STAGO (Diagnostica STAGO) with those of CA-7000.Interferences of hemoglobin, lipid and bilirubin in the PT and aPTT measurements were examined. The results measured by commercial control plasma ( Coag-N and Coag-P, Diagnostica STAGO ) with designated values showed satisfactory accuracy. The coefficients of variation ( CV ) of both within-run and between-day precision for CA-7000 were below 2%.The comparison study indicated the good correlation ( R2> 0.97 ) between results of STAGO and those of CA-7000. Various concentrations of hemoglobin, lipid and bilirubin affected no influence on PT and aPTT results.

We concluded that CA-7000 offered excellent performances and provided high throughput for stat coagulation tests. CA-7000 is expected to contribute to the highest efficiency in clinical laboratories.


CA-7000, Automated Coagulation Analyzer, PT, aPTT