Sysmex Journal International

2003Vol.13 No.1


Examination of Remaining Cells by UF-100, Fully Automated Urine Cell Analyzer in the Supernatant after Centrifugation


Tsuyoshi ISHII, Takako HARA, Atsushi NAKAYAMA, and Hideaki MATSUMOTO

Scientific Division, Sysmex Corporation


Urinary formed elements remain in the supernatant even after centrifugation. In this study, the degree of the remnant was examined by a fully automated urine cell analyzer, the Sysmex UF-100. With the conventional centrifugation procedure, there were large numbers of cells remnant in the supernatant after centrifugation, especially RBC, BACT and WBC. The degree of cells remaining differed between samples. The majority of the RBC remnants was dysmorphic RBC. With the UF-100, unspun urine is used as the sample and, accordingly, the effect of remnants in the supernatant on test results is avoided. This is one of the major advantages of this instrument.


Fully Automated Urine Cell Analyzer, UF-100, Urinary Erythrocyte Morphology, Remnant, Centrifugation