Sysmex Journal International

2003Vol.13 No.1


The New Automated Bacteria Analyzer BACSYS-40i


Atsushi NAKAYAMA*1, Tsuyoshi ISHII*1, Susanne JAEKEL*2, and Ulrike BLASEIO*2

*1 Scientific Division, Sysmex Corporation
*2 Sysmex Europe GmbH


This new compact analyzer has been developed for use in the microbiological screening of urine and other human body fluids. The remarkable feature of the analyzer is its ability to quantify both bacteria and leukocytes from a small volume sample within two minutes. The measurement is based on fluorescence flowcytometry using a proprietary fluorescence polymethine dye which is excited by a red semi-conductor laser. The device covers wide measurement ranges including clinically relevant low concentrations. Reproducibility, linearity, carryover and correlation studies revealed excellent results indicating that the BACSYS-40i  can improve overall efficiency within the microbiology laboratory.


BACSYS-40i ,  Microbiological Culture, Fluorescence Flowcytometry, Bacteria Screening