Sysmex Journal International

2002Vol.12 No.2


General Description of the Automated Immunochemical Analyzer, PAMIA-40i


Jun TOYODA, Toshihiro OTANI, and Masayuki KOHASHI

Product Development Division, Sysmex Corporation


This analyzer has been developed as a desk-top, compact automated immunochemical analyzer. Several innovative features characterize the PAMIA-40i , including an unique reagent container/holder for easier reagent handling, automatic reagent cap opener/closure, and reagent identification ( by bar code ). This new model adds functionality by its acceptance of open-topped test tube, network compatibility, and whole blood analysis capability. In addition, it also allows setting of seven parameters for special RANREAM reagents, and has random access and automatic dilution measuring functions.


Automated Immunochemical Analyzer, PAMIA-40i , Rapid Measurement, Network, Particle Counting Immunoassay


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