Sysmex Journal International

2002Vol.12 No.2


Relationship between the Variations in Blood Coagulation/Fibrinolytic Factors and Inflammatory Reactions Induced by LPS


Kiyotaka OKADA, Shigeru UESHIMA, and Osamu MATSUO

Department of Physiology, Kinki University School of Medicine


We studied the relationship between inflammatory cell profiles stimulated by a bacterial toxin, endotoxin ( Lipopolysaccharide; LPS ), and variations in blood coagulation/fibrinolytic system factors in mice. Since LPS stimulates coagulation activity, decrease in fibrinolytic activity and mobilization of platelets to local tissues in mice, it tends to induce thrombogenesis in tissues, and to induce inflammatory cells. The results of the present study suggest that the automated hematology analyzer for veterinary use, SFVU-1 is very useful for determining and analyzing variations of blood components in various experimental animal models such as those with stimulation by LPS.


Automated Hematology Analyzer for Veterinary Use, SFVU-1, Endotoxin, Blood Coagulation System, Fibrinolytic System, Inflammatory Cells


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