Sysmex Journal International

2002Vol.12 No.2


Evaluation of the Sysmex XT-2000i, a New Automated Haematology Analyser


Wim van der MEER, Jacqueline MB DINNISSEN, and Marinus H de KEIJZER

Department of Clinical Chemistry, University Medical Centre St Radboud


The XT 2000i  is a recently released automated haematology analyser that was evaluated during a three-month-period. For measurement of the haemoglobin ( HGB ) concentration the sodium lauryl sulphate ( SLS ) method is used, while red blood cells ( RBC, RBC-I ) and platelets ( PLT, PLT-I ) are counted by impedance technology. White blood cells ( WBC ), reticulocytes ( RET ), platelets ( PLT, optical measurement; PLT-O ) and red blood cells
( RBC, optical measurement; RBC-O ) are counted by flow cytometry using a polymethine fluorescence dye.

Reproducibility, carryover and linearity were analysed. The correlation study was performed with the Sysmex XE-2100 and included a comparison of sample flagging. Instrument flagging data were also checked against microscopy differentials according to the recommendations of the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards
( NCCLS ).

The correlation coefficients for complete blood cell count ( CBC ) and automated differentials obtained by comparison with the XE-2100 were good, except for the reticulocyte fractions. Sensitivity, specificity and efficiency of the various flags were adequate compared to microscopy differentials.


Automated Hematology Analyzer, XT-2000i , Complete Blood Count, Platelets