Sysmex Journal International

2002Vol.12 No.1


The Effect of Delay in Processing on Urine Particle Analysis


Silke Over

Sysmex Deutschland GmbH,
Bornbarch 1, 22848, Norderstedt, Germany.


The essential foundation for correct diagnosis and consequently suitable therapy is the analysis result produced in the hospital laboratory. Depending on the individual analysis to be determined, a variety of different body fluids may be submitted to the laboratory for analysis. These body fluids vary widely in their characteristics, stability and on the individual parameter to be determined. This article deals with urine which is a decidedly hostile environment especially for particle components. Therefore, any delay in carrying out particle analysis after micturition has to be regarded as very important.


Urinalysis, Urine Particle Analysis, Influence of Time, Urine Flow Cytometry

Received 2 May, 2002; Accepted 10 May, 2002