Sysmex Journal International

2001Vol.11 No.1


Precision and Accuracy of the Leukocyte Differential on the Sysmex XE-2100



Zentrum für Labormedizin, Kantonsspital Aarau


The automated leukocyte( WBC ) 5-part differential count is expected to produce accurate and precise results. Furthermore pathological blood samples need to be detected at a high sensitivity.

In this study we evaluated the WBC differential count as well as the new parameters for immature myeloid granulocyte counts of the new automated haematology analyser, the Sysmex XE-2100. We tested the performance in terms of accuracy and precision using normal, pathological and leukopenic samples.

Precision profiles showed excellent performance even for leukopenic samples. Investigations of the count parameters for immature cell populations obtained from the IMI-channel ( immature cell information ) and the IG ( immature granulocyte count ) obtained from the DIFF-channel also showed a good performance, although the imprecision was found to be higher. We compared the WBC differential to the manual 500 cell diff. The general performance for the differential count was excellent with a correlation coefficient ( r ) of 0.83 for monocytes ( MONO ), 0.97 for eosinophils ( EO ), and 0.99 for lymphocytes ( LYMPH ) and neutrophils ( NEUT ). For obvious reasons the basophil ( BASO ) correlation was found at expected level of 0.51, which is caused by the very low total count and the high imprecision of the manual differential for this particular parameter."


Automated Hematology Analyzer, XE-2100, WBC Differential, Precision, Accuracy