Sysmex Journal International

2001Vol.11 No.1


Reference Method for Platelet Enumeration


Chiaki TANAKA and Keiji FUJIMOTO

Scientific Division, Sysmex Corporation


The main principle of enumerating platelets ( PLT ) in automated hematology analyzer is electric resistance system. However, there have been an increasing number of instruments that can enumerate PLT by optical system. The use of a flow cytometry
( FCM ) employing monoclonal antibody has been under study for the enumeration of PLT in recent years. At its meeting held in April 2000, the International Society for Laboratory Hematology ( ISLH ) decided on a protocol to study the possibility of using, as reference method, a monoclonal antibody-employed FCM of enumerating PLT. In our present study, we enumerated PLT by the monoclonal antibodyemployed method proposed by ISLH, and compared the result with the PLT count obtained from XE-2100, an automated hematology analyzer, employing electric resistance system, and another PLT count obtained by optical system, and the results of the comparison are reported here.


Platelets ( PLT ), Reference Method, International Society for Laboratory Hematology
( ISLH ), Flow Cytometry ( FCM ), Monoclonal Antibody, Hematology Analyzer, Platelets