Sysmex Journal International

2001Vol.11 No.1

Scientific Seminar

Abstracts of the 24th Sysmex Hematology Seminar


The Sysmex Hematology Seminar has been held annually, and is focused on academic themes managed by the Scientific Division of Sysmex Corporation.

This year's Sysmex Seminar, which was the 24th in the series, was able to be seen in three other cities via satellite relay from Tokyo which was the main venue on June 30th, 2001. The main theme of the seminar was "Hematology and Virus". Lectures were given by four well-known doctors in Japan. In total 840 people participated in this event.

We believe that all participants benefited from the interesting lectures and discussion in the seminar. We gratefully acknowledge all participants, speakers, chairpersons and all others concerned for their participation and contribution to this seminar.