Sysmex Journal International

2000Vol.10 No.2


Evaluation of two Sysmex XE-2100 analyzers in an HST-302 configuration


Robert de JONGE, Rob BROUWER, Madeleine van TILBORG, and Jan LINDEMANS

Department of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital Rotterdam


Before introducing our new fully automated Sysmex HST-302 into routine use, we evaluated the performance of both XE-2100 hematology analyzers. New features of this analyzer are integrated nucleated red blood cell ( NRBC ) count, reticulocyte ( RET ) count, platelet ( PLT ) measurement by impedance and fluorescence, immature granulocyte ( IG ) count, and hematopoietic progenitor cell ( HPC ) count.

The Clinical Chemistry Laboratory of the University Hospital Rotterdam evaluated reproducibility, linearity, carryover, and lower detection limits using control material and patient blood. Correlation studies were performed against our routine analyzers Sysmex NE-8000 and R-3000. Reproducibility, linearity and carryover were excellent and within the manufacturer’s specifications. Lower detection limits for WBC, RBC, PLT and HGB were very good. Good correlation between the NE-8000 and both XE-2100 analyzers was observed ( r > 0.9 ). However, on both our instruments, readjustments in the calibration factors appeared necessary because after installation of the analyzers in our lab we found a lower RET count on the XE-2100 compared to the R-3000. Correlation between optical and impedance PLT counts and between closed sampler and open sampler modes were all good on the XE-2100. In conclusion, the XE-2100 shows excellent analytical performance characteristics.


Automated Hematology Analyzer, XE-2100, HST-302, Evaluation, Comparison