Sysmex Journal International

2000Vol.10 No.2


Telehematology Trials using the Sysmex LAFIA, Blood Cell Image Filing System


Takayuki MITSUHASHI, Yohko KAWAI, Tomoko ARAI, Nobuko SHIMIZU, and Kiyoaki WATANABE

Department of Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine, Keio University


In the pathological testing field, applications of Telepathology have been extensively examined, but in the blood testing field, applications for support of diagnosis and medical care using electronic cell images has yet to be significantly implemented. However, for blood testing, the potential for both intra-hospital and inter-hospital support of medical care and diagnosis utilizing blood cell images is greatly anticipated. We are undertaking an investigation of Telehematology using the Sysmex LAFIA, Blood Cell Image Filing System. For Telehematology utilizing intrahospital networks, image information previously available only in the laboratory, will become available throughout the hospital network, supporting clinical decision making. In addition, by building up networks between hospitals, transfer and referral of blood cell images becomes possible. For example, in hospitals where no clinical technologists or specializing physicians reside, doctors could consult with experts at remote hospitals, concerning cell image diagnosis. In particular, it is expected that realization of image consultation for remote diagnosis will greatly assist blood disease related medical care. Further advancement of Telehematology is expected with the streamlining of network environments in the future, and further investigation into security issues and the protection of patient information.


Telehematology, Image Consultation, Blood Cell Image Filing System, LAFIA