Sysmex Journal International

2000Vol.10 No.2


Evaluation of Sysmex CA-7000 Automated Coagulation Analyzer



Laboratorio Analisi Chimico-Cliniche ed Ematologiche, Ospedale Civile Maggiore


In the last few years, the Coagulation Laboratory has met an increased number of requests for the samples, not only for routine parameters but also for special tests as APC resistance, D-Dimer and so on. For this reason the instrumentation suitable for the modern Coagulation Laboratory has to grant a high throughput as well as the possibility to perform the special tests within the routine.

Our Laboratory has evaluated Sysmex CA-7000, the newest analyzer for the coagulation laboratory of Sysmex Corporation distributed by DASIT S.p.A. Sysmex CA-7000 performs a wide variety of tests: clotting, chromogenic or immunologic at the same time and therefore it is suitable for the modern Coagulation Laboratory.


Automated Coagulation Analyzer, CA-7000