Sysmex Journal International

2000Vol.10 No.1


Introduction of the XE-2100 Online QC System


Hiroyuki MORIHARA, Atsushi SHIRAKAMI, Katsuya WADA and Keiji FUJIMOTO

Scientific Division, Sysmex Corporation


The XE-2100 online QC system is the next generation’s External QC model and utilizes its “networking” function to the maximum. In this system, daily internal QC data using specific control material is automatically transmitted to the online QC server via a computer network and the Sysmex QC server updates the inter-laboratory statistics results “every ten minutes.” This online QC system enables XE-2100 customers to refer to their latest inter-laboratory statistics results whenever they wish.

Online QC has the following features; a) automatic data transmission, b) real time external quality assurance, c) automatic judgement, d) browsing capability, e) historical SDI
( Standard Deviation Index ) chart and numerical table and f) combination with online support system ( SNCS; Sysmex Network Communication System ).

Since circumstances in the medical field change rapidly and dramatically, we believe that online QC will be a reliable IT ( Information Technology ) -based analytical Quality Assurance System for Clinical Laboratories for the 21st century.


Quality Assurance, External Quality Assessment ( EQA ), Sysmex Network Communication System ( SNCS )


The name of this system “Online QC” is used only in Japan. This system will be released as different name abroad.