Sysmex Journal International

2000Vol.10 No.1

Scientific Seminar

Abstracts of the 23rd Sysmex Hematology Seminar


Miyuki Uehara

Scientific Division, Sysmex Corporation


The Sysmex Hematology Seminar, sponsored by the Scientific Division of Sysmex Corporation, was held annually and focuses on academic or scientific themes.

This year the main theme of the seminar was “Hematology.” Four lectures were given on various hema-tology topics by well-known doctors in each field in Japan. The lecture titles were “Thrombosis and Hemostasis,” “White Blood Cells and Lymphocytes,” “Red Blood Cells” and “Cell and Gene Therapy for Malignant Diseases.”

This Sysmex Seminar, which was the 23rd in the series was seen in two other cities via satellite from Kobe city which was the main venue on June 3rd. So, many people were able to participate in this event.

We gratefully acknowledge all participants, speakers, chairpersons and all others concerned for their participation in these seminars.

We hope we are achieving our aim, which is to support the progress of medical science by means of the Sysmex Hematology Seminar.