Sysmex Journal International

2021Vol.31 No.2


Evaluation of the Blood Bank mode Software of Sysmex XN-1000™ Hematology Analyzer for Counting Residual Red Blood Cells and Platelets in Platelet Concentrates, and Residual White Blood Cells in Leucocyte-Reduced Whole Blood


Fuminori ARISAWA*1, Shinobu WAKAMOTO*1, Mitsuaki AKINO*1, Katsuya IKUTA*2 and Shuichi KINO*1

*1 Japanese Red Cross Hokkaido Block Blood Center
*2 Hokkaido Red Cross Blood Center


Background: The Sysmex XN-1000 automated hematology analyzer (XN-1000) was equipped with Blood Bank mode (BB mode)* to count residual white blood cells (rWBC) and residual red blood cells (rRBC) in blood products. This mode is also intended for platelet enumeration in platelet concentrates (PCs). Presently, platelet, rRBC and rWBC counts are performed using several different methods. The BB mode has the potential to simultaneously perform these measurements using one sample. The aim of our study was to evaluate the utility of the BB mode on the XN-1000.
* Blood Bank mode is a license software which can be equipped on the XN-10/20 hematology analyzer.

Method: For RBC counting, we compared the BB mode and the manual counting method by measuring dilution series and routinely manufactured PCs. We also examined precision, accuracy and carryover of RBC counts with the BB mode. For platelet counting in PCs, we examined the correlation of platelet counts between the BB mode and the XS-1000i (Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Japan). For WBC counting, we compared the BB mode with the flow cytometry (FCM) method by measuring dilution series and examining precision and accuracy of WBC counts with the BB mode.

Result: In the dilution study of RBC counts, the BB mode showed good linearity and correlation with manual counting in the 5–5,000 cells/μL range but did not meet linearity criteria in the low range of 5–50 cells/μL. In both the dilution study and with routinely manufactured PCs, the RBC counts obtained by the BB mode tended to be higher than those obtained by manual counting in the ≤ 50 cells/μL range. In the study to count platelets in PCs, there were no significant differences in the number of platelets obtained by the BB mode and the XS-1000i. The BB mode values correlated significantly with those of the XS-1000i. In the dilution study of WBC counts, the BB mode showed good linearity and correlation with the FCM method and found acceptable accuracy and precision results.

Conclusion: Our results suggest it is possible to perform simultaneous measurements of rRBCs, rWBCs, and platelet counts with one sample using the BB mode. Our findings suggest that further improvements of the BB mode RBC gating algorithm may lead to more accurate measurements of low-level RBCs in PCs.


XN-1000, Blood Bank mode, Residual Red Blood Cells, Residual White Blood Cells, Platelet Concentrate, Quality Control, Blood Components


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