Social Media Policy

Sysmex Corporation (“Sysmex”) has established this policy (the “Social Media Policy”) to govern the use of social media operated by Sysmex (“Sysmex Social Media”). The acceptable use policy set out below (the “AUP”) for the appropriate use of Sysmex Social Media must be observed by all persons who browse, use or otherwise access any Sysmex Social Media platform (“User(s)”). All Users must understand and agree to the AUP before browsing, using or otherwise accessing any Sysmex Social Media platform.

Basic Approach to Social Media

Sysmex provides information on Sysmex Social Media in accordance with the following principles.

Principles of Conducts

Sysmex understands the characteristics of social media, listens to User’s comments and is committed to the responsible use of Sysmex Social Media. Sysmex also hopes that Sysmex Social Media can be used for positive communications with society at large. 

Sysmex endeavors to respect copyright and rights of publicity and avoid the commission of any acts that defame third parties, including, but not limited to, slander and disparagement. Sysmex maintains internal rules related to information security and Sysmex Social Media.

Notes to Users

Not all information provided by Sysmex or its employees via any Sysmex Social Media platform necessarily constitutes an official announcement by Sysmex or reflects its views.
Formal announcements are published on Sysmex’s website and via press releases.

Please refer to the AUP when using any Sysmex Social Media or ancillary services.


For any opinions, requests, or questions to Sysmex, please contact us via the “Contact Us” page on Sysmex’s website.