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Sysmex Formulates “Sysmex Eco-Vision 2033”

- Recognizing the relationship between the environment and health, we will collaboratively create innovative solutions that will advance the realization of a circular society -

Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; President: Kaoru Asano) has formulated “Sysmex Eco-Vision 2033,” which ends in fiscal 2033, to promote the Sysmex Group’s further efforts at environmental preservation in the aim of realizing a sustainable society.

The world as a whole faces significant environment-related challenges, including adaptation and mitigation of climate change, conservation of water resources, and biodiversity. The healthcare market faces specific concerns, such as rising temperatures potentially leading to the expansion of tropical disease epidemic zones and increases in respiratory diseases due to air pollution. Such factors are expected to contribute to higher medical expenses and put pressure on medical infrastructure.

In line with the “Sysmex Way,” the corporate philosophy of the Sysmex Group, and to instill confidence among stakeholders, we are working to contribute to the development of healthcare and the healthy lives of people in the aim of solving the various issues society faces. To address one such issue, “reducing environmental impacts,” we are taking proactive steps toward “resource circulation in the product life cycle” and “reduction in environmental burden through business activities.”

At the same time as we established long-term management strategies for the Sysmex Group, we have newly formulated “Sysmex Eco-Vision 2033.” This is the long-term environmental vision that the Sysmex Group aims to achieve by 2033. We will collaboratively create innovative solutions that will advance the realization of a circular society by taking on the challenge of green innovation with stakeholders and utilizing Sysmex’s strengths. Furthermore, we have set targets for reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions to become carbon neutral by 2040. The targets also include reducing water consumption, waste, as well as for increasing the recycling rate.

Sysmex will work together as a group to achieve “Sysmex Eco-Vision 2033” to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Outline of Sysmex Eco-Vision 2033 

  Long-Term Environmental Vision:
  Recognizing the relationship between the environment and health, we will collaboratively create innovative solutions that
will advance the realization of a circular society.


We will transform the value chain into a resource-recycling one by utilizing our strengths to have both instruments and reagents.
2.  We will develop and provide products, services, and solutions to reduce environmental impact. 
3.  We will collaborate with stakeholders and take on the challenge of green innovation. We will reduce product loss to zero and promote significant adoption of recycled and environmentally friendly materials.
4.  We will promote CO2 reduction to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.1 We will work on resource recycling and biodiversity preservation in a unique way, and significantly improve the efficiency of water use and expand the use of raw materials derived from non-animal sources.
5.  We will encourage local environmental conservation activities and contribute to a recycling-oriented society as Sysmex Group.
  Long-Term Environmental Objectives:
We will reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1,2) by 55%2 by reducing energy consumption per capita and increasing the ratio of renewable energy to total energy consumption to over 90%.
We will reduce our supply chain greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3) by 35%2 by making our products more energy efficient and compact and by innovating our supply chain management.
We will reduce water consumption by 90 point2 per reagent production volume at our major reagent production sites through more efficient water use. We will also work to reduce water consumption during instrument use. 

We will achieve zero waste of unused in-house products. We will also reduce total waste per net sales by 15%.2
We will achieve use rate of recycling and environmentally friendly materials for containers and packaging by 100%. We will also reduce plastic consumption by revising product packaging and utilizing alternative raw materials.
We will expand our lineup of products made from non-animal-derived raw materials.

 Scope 1: GHG emitted directly by company facilities, factories, and fleet
 Scope 2: GHG emitted indirectly by the company due to energy use
 Scope 3: GHG emitted throughout the value chain in relation to products and services

 Environmental initiatives:

Target: Scope 1 and 2 
Base Year: Fiscal Year 2022

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