Sysmex Launches its Sample Preparation System PS-10 in North America, a New Product to Make Clinical Flow Cytometry Testing More Efficient

Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman & CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) announces the launch of its PS-10 sample preparation system in the North American market from August 2019. By automating complicated sample preparation work for clinical laboratories, the PS-10 results in providing workflows which are more efficient and aids in standardizing clinical flow cytometry testing. Sysmex will move product development and assessment of the clinical utility with flow cytometry as analyzers forward, aiming for a global rollout of the entire clinical flow cytometry system including the PS-10.

Flow cytometry is a technology in which microscopic particles pass through channels and are optically analyzed as they flow through. The basic principle is used in Sysmex’s hematology and sediment urinalysis analyzers. Analyzers that use this technology are called flow cytometers. In clinical testing and other fields, flow cytometers are used by pharmaceutical companies and universities to conduct research on cancer and regenerative medicine. They are also used in various industrial applications, such as quality control of food and beverages. In the clinical domain, flow cytometers are used mainly to diagnose leukemia, malignant lymphoma and other blood diseases, as well as to monitor immune function and to consider treatment methods for HIV patients. The sample preparation processes for this sort of clinical flow cytometry testing typically involves complicated and time-consuming manual operations, such as dispensing samples and reagents, as well as agitation and incubation. The significant burden this places on clinical laboratory technologists is an issue in laboratory settings. 
Using cell measurement technologies cultivated principally in the field of in vitro diagnostics, Sysmex is moving forward with product development and assessment of flow cytometric clinical utility with the aim of establishing a solution that automates processes from sample preparation to the reporting of measurement results. 
To meet diverse customer needs, Sysmex aims to automate complicated and time-consuming sample preparation processes with the PS-10, thereby making testing more efficient, reducing the manual burden and contributing to standardization. As a result, it is hoped that this solution will enable clinical laboratory technologists to concentrate on highly specialized activities, such as measurement result analysis and diagnostics. 
Sysmex plan to begin the rollout of the PS-10 by launching it into the United States and Canada. Sysmex will accelerate our market cultivation, and will work to globally obtain the necessary regulatory approval for all flow cytometric products, aiming for a worldwide rollout of our clinical flow cytometry system, including the PS-10.
Going forward, Sysmex will continue to apply the technologies and experience it has cultivated in the in vitro diagnostics field and leverage its global sales and service networks to increase the quality of testing and diagnostics. 
New Product Overview
  Name: Sample Preparation System PS-10
  Target markets: United States, Canada
*To be launched in individual countries after meeting the necessary regulatory requirements
  Launch: August 2019
  Main features:   
  ・High processing capacity (48 daughter tubes/hour)
  ・Loading of up to 90 monoclonal antibody vials from varying manufacturers 
  ・Peltier cooled area for Sysmex monoclonal antibodies (compatible antibody reagents only).
  ・Use of dual probe for cap piercing and aliquoting
  ・Compatible with multiple types of hemolytic reagent
  ・Use of two rotors enables continuous workflow

Product Photo
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