Sysmex Launches Caresphere™ LWS, a Laboratory Information System

-Further Enhancing Clinical Testing Efficiency through a New Caresphere™ Solution-

Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) announces the March 2019 launch of Caresphere LWS, a laboratory information system to further enhance the efficiency of clinical testing.
Caresphere LWS is a core application that supports efforts by clinical laboratories using Sysmex’s Caresphere network solution. The application links other Caresphere products and services and makes the operational status of clinical laboratories visible, facilitating more sophisticated operations by clinical laboratories.

In 1999, Sysmex took the lead over its competitors with the introduction of SNCS™1, a network service that enables quality control2 and automatic monitoring of testing instruments at hospitals and other medical institutions, ensuring stable operations. Since that time, the service has earned plaudits from customers around the world. In 2000, the Company launched a laboratory information system3 to augment the efficiency of testing at clinical laboratories, and in 2004 Sysmex acquired CNA Co., Ltd. (now Sysmex CNA Co., Ltd.) as a subsidiary. Through these efforts, the Company has reinforced its laboratory information system development and sales, service and support structures, and these systems are used at numerous healthcare institutions.

In 2018, Sysmex launched Caresphere, a network solution that helps resolve issues facing the laboratory. This solution collects and analyzes information on testing instruments and laboratory information systems with Caresphere capability in real time and enables the configuration of platforms that are seamless, highly safe and globally standardized. As a result, it helps to increase operational efficiency, boost quality and enhance customer satisfaction in various areas related to testing and healthcare. Sysmex is also continuing to increase the number of related products and services.

In March 2019, Sysmex launched Caresphere LWS, a laboratory information system that realizes higher levels of efficiency in clinical testing. In addition to innovations in management functions for such testing processes as blood sampling, pretreatment, sample measurement, and the reporting of information, the system greatly enhances operability and visibility by aggregating the information and functions needed for various testing processes, substantially boosting the productivity of testing. Furthermore, by reducing the amount of time required for testing, the system helps to reduce patient waiting time. It also quickly notifies doctors of abnormal test values, helping them to make accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions.

By linking other products and services related to Caresphere, the system facilitates access to clinical laboratories’ operational indicators regardless of location or timing. Such indicators include sample measurement times, the state of progress, and the operational status of testing instruments. In these ways, the system helps the heads of clinical laboratories and other people involved in the management of clinical laboratories make decisions quickly. Also, the system allows the operational status of multiple clinical laboratories at group medical institutions to be managed centrally, realizing more sophisticated clinical laboratory operations.

By leveraging the information and expertise it has accumulated, going forward Sysmex will continue to launch new applications and services that contribute to improvements in more efficient and higher-quality testing that meets the needs of specific regions. As a result, we aim to help resolve the issues our customers face around the world. 


Overview of Caresphere LWS

  Name: Caresphere LWS laboratory information system
  Target market: Japan
  Launch: March 1, 2019




  April 5, 2018 press release entitled “Sysmex Launches Caresphere,™ a New Network Solution -Supporting the Intelligent Use of Information for the Healthcare of the Future,
Where the Use of Information is Accelerating-"


  1 SNCS (Sysmex Network Communication Systems):
An online support service that connects to the Sysmex Customer Support Center and customers’ instruments via the Internet to provide real-time external quality control and scientific information, and monitoring of instrument conditions. The content of support services varies by region. A separate (paid) agreement is required to use this service. 
  2 Quality control:
A management method used to guarantee the values measured by testing equipment and to confirm that a customer's equipment is functioning correctly.
  3 Laboratory Information System (LIS):
Generic term for a system used for general handling of test information by hospitals and other medical institutions. Such a system supports the flow of test information, from reception through the reporting of results and data management. 



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