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Sysmex Begins Conducting Direct Sales and Services in Ghana

Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) is transitioning to a direct sales structure in the Republic of Ghana with the aim of further reinforcing its customer sales and service structure.

Many African countries are demonstrating ongoing economic growth, and further market growth is expected due to investment in healthcare-related fields.

Sysmex divides the African market into four regions1, providing sales and services via local distributors to meet market needs. For the west and central region, Sysmex established Sysmex West and Central Africa Ltd. (SWCA) in Ghana in October 2015. SWCA has strengthened Sysmex’s regional presence in 19 countries in the west and central region by reinforcing distributor support and training, and by expanding cooperation with international aid organizations and local health ministries.2

In Ghana, we are now transitioning from a sales and service structure provided by local distributors to a direct sales and service structure handled by SWCA. This shift marks Sysmex’s first direct sales and service initiative in the African market. In addition to products in the hematology field, which we mainly provide at present, the company will accelerate business development by supplying products in the urinalysis and hemostasis fields, as well as providing solutions in a region that requires healthcare in response to the three leading infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria).

Communicating directly with customers will also enable SWCA to propose solutions in response to diverse issues and regional characteristics. Through the company, we also aim to further enhance customer satisfaction by augmenting our scientific awareness activities—one of Sysmex’s fortes.

In the region’s 18 countries outside Ghana, the company will apply the sales and service expertise accumulated in Ghana to broadly develop Sysmex’s knowhow, aiming to further strengthen support for distributors.

Going forward, Sysmex aims to augment its sales, service and support structures in emerging markets, expanding its business and contributing to the development of healthcare.

Overview of SWCA
Name: Sysmex West and Central Africa Ltd.
Location: Accra, Ghana’s capital
Representative: Eric Osei
Capital: USD1,000,000
Capital supplied by: Sysmex Europe GmbH
(Sysmex Europe GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation.)
Employees: 17
Business: Import, export, sale, service and support of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) instruments and reagents, as well as maintenance services and providing training for distributors.
1 The northeast region is handled by our subsidiary in the Middle East (Dubai), the northwestern region by our subsidiary in France, the southeastern region by our subsidiary in South Africa, with sales, service and support provided via local distributors.
2 Press release dated December 1, 2015, entitled “Sysmex Establishes New Subsidiary in Ghana—Reinforcing the Country’s Business Foundation in the Markets of West and Central Africa—”

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