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Reinforcing the Sales and Service Structure in Taiwan

Transitioning to a Direct Sales and Service Structure through the Transfer of Business from a Distributor

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) subsidiary Sysmex Taiwan Co., Ltd., has entered into an agreement with its Taiwanese distributor, Santung Instruments Co., Ltd., for the transfer of Santung’s business.
  As well as reinforcing its sales and service structure in Taiwan, through this business transfer Sysmex expects to develop and further expand its activities in the immunochemistry field and other new fields of business, in addition to hematology.

  In 1995, Taiwan introduced a healthcare insurance plan covering the entire nation, creating an advanced healthcare system. In addition to making major progress in healthcare, Taiwan has invested aggressively in the aim of preventing infectious diseases and lifestyle diseases, and further growth in the country is expected, going forward. 
  However, healthcare spending is rising in tandem with a rapidly falling birthrate and aging population. Accordingly, in medical settings demand is focused not only on improving the quality of medical services, but on making operations more efficient, as well. 
  To expand its business in Taiwan, Sysmex entered a distributor agreement with Santung in 1983, and the two companies have developed a positive relationship since that time. By leveraging Santung’s sales and support network, in addition to its mainstay field of hematology the company has acquired a large share of the market in hemostasis and urinalysis, as well.
  Through the business transfer from Santung, Sysmex Taiwan aims to leverage the robust base that Santung has built to further reinforce its own sales and service structure, expand existing business, quickly enter the immunochemistry and other new business fields, and enhance its ability to make comprehensive proposals that meet customers’ needs. 
  Going forward, Sysmex will continue working to create optimal sales and service structures in each region, provide the service and support it is uniquely positioned to offer, and contribute to the development of healthcare in Asia. 

Overview of the Business Transfer

Date of business transfer:

May 1, 2017 (expected)

  Content of business transfer:

Sales, service and support of in vitro diagnostic products from Santung Instruments Co., Ltd.

Overview of Sysmex Taiwan


Sysmex Taiwan Co., Ltd. 


Taipei, Taiwan

  Representative: Yasumasa Yamauchi
  Established: April 22, 2011
  Capital supplied by: Sysmex Corporation
  Employees: Approximately 100 (plan for fiscal 2017)

Overview of Santung


Santung Instruments Co., Ltd. 


Taipei, Taiwan

  Representative: Kwo-Ming Lin
  Established: February 4, 1983

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