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Sysmex Pursuing Joint Development with GL-i to Provide New Diagnostic Reagents Employing Glycosylation Markers

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) is pursuing the joint development of immunochemistry test reagents with GlycoBiomarker Leading Innovation Co. Ltd. (HQ and research laboratory: Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture; President and CEO: Kazuyuki Takeo; “GL-i”) in the aim of providing new diagnostic reagents employing glycosylation* markers.

  GL-i was established as an independent entity by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in the expectation of enhancing the value of its intellectual property and expanding it worldwide. Approved as a “technology transfer venture of AIST,” GL-i is promoting the practical application of research outcomes related to glycosylation analysis technology developed by AIST (clinical reagents, drug discovery).

  Sugar chains are present on cell surfaces and most proteins in the blood. As the state of cells producing proteins (healthy, abnormal, etc.) changes, the sugar chains themselves change. Rather than measuring changes in the volumes of proteins (antigens, antibodies), detecting qualitative changes in the sugar chains on proteins is expected to provide new clinical value unavailable in the past. 
  In the field of immunochemistry, Sysmex has developed a relationship with AIST in the joint development of a hepatic fibrosis test reagent (the HISCL M2BPGi® Assay Kit) using a glycosylation marker for the first time in the world.

  Sysmex, AIST and GL-i are working together to jointly develop bile duct cancer and other new biomarkers, with AIST conducting marker searches and other basic research and GL-i handling clinical research. Sysmex’s role is to develop diagnostic reagents and to obtain regulatory approval for manufacturing and marketing them. In this way, the companies are pursuing joint development to achieve practical realization.

  By promoting joint research with GL-i, we intend to establish a firm position as a manufacturer that develops diagnostic reagents using glycosylation markers originally developed in Japan. At the same time, we aim to create new parameters in the immunochemistry business.

  Going forward, Sysmex will strive to augment diagnostic value by expanding its proprietary test parameters and disseminate technology from Japan throughout the world.


Overview of GL-i


March 3, 2015

  Head Office Location:

Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture (within AIST)

  President & CEO: Kazuyuki Takeo
  Director: Atsushi Kuno (CTO), concurrently Senior Researcher, Biotechnology Research Institute for Drug Discovery, AIST
  Director: Masayuki Ushida (CFO)

   December 26, 2013, press release:
  Sysmex Succeeds in World's First Practical Application of Technology Employing a      
  Glycosylation Marker to Test Hepatic Fibrosis; Technology Allows the Degree of Hepatic   
  Fibrosis, from Hepatitis to Cirrhosis of the Liver, to Be Determined Swiftly

  January 5, 2015, press release:
  Hepatic Fibrosis Test Reagent (HISCL M2BPGi Assay Kit) Receives Approval for Health  
  Insurance Coverage—Speedy Blood Sample-Based Test for Measuring the Progression of
  Hepatic Fibrosis from Chronic Hepatitis to Cirrhosis of the Liver



*Sugar chains, glycosylation:

Sugar chains, the linked monosaccharides that bind to the surface of a cell or a protein in the blood, are sometimes described as "cell and protein costumes." Their roles include the transmission of information specific to individual cells and intercellular communications. A glycosylation marker is a biomarker that targets structural changes in sugar chains present in glycoproteins.

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