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Sysmex Signs Agreement with Mongolia’s Ministry of Health and Sports to Support Activities to Create External Quality Controls and a Reference Laboratory

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) announced today that it had signed an agreement with Mongolia’s Ministry of Health and Sports (the Ministry) to support activities aimed at creating external quality controls1 and a reference laboratory2 to enhance the quality of testing for infectious diseases in the immunochemistry testing field in Mongolia.

  Mongolia has maintained a high pace of economic growth over the past 10 years, with real GDP expanding at an average annual rate of 9.2% over this period. In line with the country’s economic development in recent years, the Ministry is taking a central role in improving the country’s healthcare infrastructure and working to boost the level of healthcare. Enhancing the quality of testing for infectious diseases is one issue the country faces. 
  Sysmex had previously entered into an agreement with the Ministry to provide support in creating external quality controls and a reference laboratory in hematology and clinical chemistry, thereby helping to improve the quality of clinical testing. 

  Sysmex has now entered into a new agreement with the Ministry, focusing on reorganizing and conducting external quality control for the testing of infectious diseases at laboratories in Mongolia. Sysmex’s fully-automated immunoassay systems will be installed at a reference laboratory certified by the Ministry. Sysmex will also provide technical and scientific expertise based on the experience it has cultivated in global support services to local healthcare professionals who are central to the configuration of external quality controls and laboratory operations.

  Going forward, Sysmex will continue striving to provide support for clinical testing in developing countries and emerging markets, contributing to increased quality and standardization of clinical testing and thereby providing peace of mind to customers throughout the world.


Overview of the Agreement

Agreement date:

March 11, 2016


Support activities aimed at creating external quality controls and a standard laboratory in the immunochemistry testing field (testing for infectious diseases)

  Duration: March 11, 2016 through June 30, 2017 (after which a three-year contract renewal is anticipated)


1 External quality control:

A method under which the same specimens (such as artificially produced blood) are distributed to multiple clinical laboratories, and the measurement results obtained are analyzed using statistical methods, thereby allowing the precision of individual laboratories' measurement results to be evaluated. The results are provided as feedback to these laboratories, helping to increase the quality of testing.

2 Reference laboratory:

A model clinical laboratory for a region or country that serves a central laboratory role.

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