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Sysmex Launches a New Product in the Sediment Urinalysis Testing Field, the UD-10 Fully-Automated Imaging Unit for Formed Elements in Urine

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) is launching a new product in the sediment urinalysis testing field, the UD-10 fully-automated imaging unit, for formed elements in urine.

  Urine testing is divided into urine chemistry, a primary test employing urine test strips, and urine sediment analysis, which is secondary testing in order to provide a more detailed analysis of specimens that have been identified as positive on urine chemistry tests. Urine sediment analysis is an important test used in diagnosing renal disease and urinary tract disorders. This test is conducted by classifying and measuring formed elements in the urine, including red blood cells, white blood cells and bacteria.

  For many years in the field of urine sediment testing, clinical laboratory technologists used to observe all specimens by using microscopes (microscope testing). In 1995, Sysmex was the first to realize the automated quantitative analysis of formed elements in urine, using the flow cytometry method, which has reduced the need for microscopy in urine sediment analysis. However, visual inspection was still required for some specimens that an analyzer had determined to be abnormal. This required customers to go through the process of centrifuging to separate specimens and preparing the slides.

  To address this situation, Sysmex is introducing the UD-10 fully-automated imaging unit for formed elements in urine. This instrument is used to capture images of specimens determined by UF-5000/4000/3000 fully-automated analyzers of formed elements in urine that require re-examination. Used in conjunction with the Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System (U-WAM1), the instrument displays on a screen the formed elements contained in a specimen by individual particle sizes. The U-WAM screen allows for visual confirmation without requiring the slide preparation needed for viewing under a microscope, which greatly reduces the burden on laboratory technologists. Also, if desired, the laboratory technologist can review images presented by the U-WAM screen to evaluate abnormal cells and parameter categories in more detail. Used in combination with the UF-5000/4000/3000, the UD-10 reduces the need for slide preparation and visual observation, thus increasing workflow efficiency.

  The UD-10 can be combined with the UF-5000/4000/3000 Urine Sediment Analyzers and as well that pairing of instruments can be connected with the UC-3500 fully-automated urine chemistry analyzer (sold only in overseas markets) using the modular concept2 to meet diverse urinalysis workflow needs, helping to reduce the turnaround time of overall urinalysis testing.

  By continuing to provide high-value-added testing in the urinalysis field, Sysmex aims to establish a leading global position in this field of testing.


New Product Overview

Name: UD-10 fully-automated imaging unit for formed elements in urine
Target markets: All regions
Launch: Japan: January, 2016 (overseas: to be launched successively in individual countries after receiving regulatory approval)
Processing capacity:

Maximum of 50 tests/hour (standard mode) or 30 tests/hour (detailed examination mode)

Imaging target: Formed elements in urine

    SNCS®3 functionality employed as standard
    Silent Design®4
    Modular concept

Product Photo
UF-5000 fully-automated analyzer of formed elements in urine (right)
UD-10 fully-automated imaging unit (left)

 1   Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System (U-WAM):

This test information management system enables urinalysis departments to centrally manage test results.

 2  Modular concept: Individual modules can be combined to create a diverse variety of product configurations. The series also allows for flexibility in testing throughput, increasing or reducing capacity in line with customer needs.


Silent Design®:
An abbreviation for Sysmex Network Communication Systems, the SNCS® is an online support service that connects the Customer Support Center and customers' products via an internet connection to provide real-time external quality control and scientific information and to monitor instrument conditions. The content of support services varies by region. A separate (paid) agreement is required to use this service.
This design concept represents a fusion of product design and technology that takes into account users and the working space available at their laboratories. Although simple, the concept pays careful attention to detail and is employed for entire systems and designed for a long product life.
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