Sysmex Launches the UC-3500 Fully-Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer, its First Product in the Field of Urine Qualitative Analysis in Overseas Markets

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) is launching the UC-3500 fully-automated urine chemistry analyzer, its first urine qualitative analyzer under its own brand to overseas markets, based on a business alliance with EIKEN CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

  Urine is the product of blood being filtered and reabsorbed by the kidneys and testing urine allows for the detection of any abnormalities in the kidneys and the urinary tract, as well as providing information about the entire body. Furthermore, due to ongoing increases in the number of dialysis patients, such as those with diabetic nephropathy, demand is growing for the use of urinalysis in initial diagnosis in developed countries and emerging markets alike.

  Urinalysis testing is divided into urine chemistry, a primary test employing urine test strips, and urine sediment analysis, secondary testing to provide a detailed analysis of specimens looking for cells and formed elements in the urine. Urine sediment analysis is an important test used in diagnosing renal disease and urinary tract disorders. This test is conducted by classifying and measuring formed elements in the urine, including red blood cells, white blood cells and bacteria.
  For many years in the field of urine sediment testing, clinical laboratory technologists used to observe all specimens by using microscopes (microscope testing). In 1995, Sysmex was the first to realize the automated quantitative analysis of formed elements in urine by using the flow cytometry method. Through its UF-Series of fully-automated analyzers of formed elements in urine, the company has contributed significantly to the efficiency and standardization of urine sediment analysis. In September 2015, Sysmex launched its next-generation models, the UF-5000/4000/3000, in Japan, and these models are now being rolled out sequentially on a global basis. Until now, Sysmex has entered into alliances and sales collaboration with various companies to provide customers with urine sediment analysis and urine chemistry testing solutions.

  Now offering its first urine qualitative analyzer under its own brand, the UC-3500 fully-automated urine chemistry analyzer. Along with specific reagents, the MEDITAPE UC-9A and MEDITAPE UC-11A urine chemistry test papers, Sysmex is set to launch these products in the overseas markets. The instrument’s design prioritizes customer usability by employing the Silent Design®1 concept and incorporating simple operating panels. Furthermore, it is one of the world’s fastest fully-automated urine chemistry analyzers, capable of processing up to 276 tests an hour.

  The UC-3500 can also be combined with the UF-5000/4000/3000 using the modular concept2 to meet diverse urinalysis workflow needs.

  Also, the Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System (U-WAM3) allows confirmation of patient information, urine chemistry and urine sediment testing results, thereby providing even more valuable diagnostic support information and enhancing workflow efficiency.

  By continuing to provide high value-added testing in the urinalysis field, Sysmex aims to establish a leading global position in this field of testing.


New Product Overview

Name: UC-3500 fully-automated urine chemistry analyzer
Target markets: Americas, EMEA, China, Asia Pacific
Launch: From January 2016, to be launched successively in individual countries after receiving regulatory approval
Processing capacity:

276 tests/hour

Test Paper

 Test Paper Name  Parameters Measured
 MEDITAPE UC-9A  Urobilinogen, occult blood, proteins, glucose,
 ketone bodies, bilirubin, nitrites, leukocytes, pH
 MEDITAPE UC-11A  Urobilinogen, occult blood, protein, glucose,
 ketone bodies, bilirubin, nitrites, leukocytes, pH, creatinine, albumin
   Note: In addition to the above-mentioned parameters, the fully-automated urine chemistry analyzer measures specific gravity, color tone and turbidity.
    Able to measure albumin and creatinine via the MEDITAPE UC-11A test strip
    Design prioritizes customer usability by employing the Silent Design® and incorporating simple operating panels
    One of the world’s fastest fully-automated urine chemistry analyzers, capable of processing up to 276 tests/hour, allowing large quantities of samples to be processed quickly
    Modular concept

Product Photos
UC-3500 fully-automated urine chemistry analyzer  Urine chemistry test papers

 1   Silent Design®:

This design concept represents a fusion of product design and technology that takes into account users and the working space available at their laboratories. Although simple, the concept pays careful attention to detail and is employed for entire systems and designed for a long product life.

 2  Modular concept: Individual modules can be combined to create a diverse variety of product configurations. The series also allows for flexibility in testing throughput, increasing or reducing capacity in line with customer needs.
 3  Urinalysis Work Area Information
Management System (U-WAM):
This test information management system enables urinalysis departments to centrally manage test results.

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