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Sysmex and Toppan Printing to Collaborate in the Genetic Analysis Testing Industry

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) and Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo, Japan; President & Representative Director: Shingo Kaneko) have entered into an agreement to cooperate for advancement in the genetic analysis testing industry, and to invest in RIKEN GENESIS Co., Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Yusuke Tsukahara), a Toppan Printing subsidiary.

  The companies will accelerate their approach to personalized medicine by fostering their technological synergies.

  In personalized medicine, gene detection technologies and bioinformatics1 are playing an important role in providing the most appropriate medical care to respective patients. They do this by analyzing detected gene information to help determine individual conditions such as clinical progress and responsiveness to drug therapies.

  Toppan Printing, the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) and RIKEN Venture Capital Co., Ltd., jointly established RIKEN GENESIS in 2007 to accelerate their practical application in real medical settings and widely promote RIKEN’s leading-edge research achievements in the field of personalized medicine.

  RIKEN GENESIS, which provides lab-assay services as well as products for genetic testing based on cutting-edge gene analysis technologies and bioinformatics, is one of the few Japanese companies that have technologies for and the experience/know-how in the field of personalized medicine. Positioning RIKEN GENESIS at the core of its life science business, Toppan Printing has been proactively working on research and development in the domain of genetic testing for personalized medicine. An example of their efforts involved jointly developing a genetic analysis system that enables quick and easy detection of cancer driving somatic gene mutations.

  Sysmex has been enhancing its approach to expand their technological portfolio of in vitro diagnostics for the realization of personalized medicine through the 2013 acquisition of Inostics GmbH, which possesses digital PCR technology2, open innovation with research institutes, universities and medical institutions for biomarker acquisition, and other activities.

  Sysmex, Toppan Printing, and Riken Genesis have found a common direction in personalized medicine by genetic testing technologies through anticipated technological synergies. Through this alliance, the three companies will aim at expanding platforms for genetic testing technologies and, on a short term basis, global distribution of the Japan-oriented companion diagnostics3. This will be achieved by utilizing the pipeline of companion diagnostics projects with pharmaceutical companies in both RIKEN GENESIS and Sysmex.

  From the mid-to-long term perspective, the companies will accelerate their approach to personalized medicine by providing high-value biomarkers as new clinical tests to practical medicine through the flexibly to respond to various needs for genetic analysis testing at each stage and supporting a seamless connection between them.

  The companies are aiming to establish a place in the global market for Japan-oriented genetic testing technologies by bringing out their comprehensive capabilities in genetic testing as well as driving research and development and business operations.

  Sysmex, Toppan Printing, and RIKEN GENESIS will start working on technological development to further improve the quality and efficiency of gene analysis testing. At the same time, the companies will pursue R&D and business development aimed at providing the high-value testing necessary to provide healthcare optimized to each individual patient.

Overview of the Capital Alliance
Equity ownership ratio:
・Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.: 63.2%
・Sysmex Corporation: 36.5%
・RIKEN Venture Capital Co., Ltd.: 0.3%
1 Bioinformatics: Information technology used to analyze genetic and protein information and explain vital phenomena; in particular, signifying the technology for analyzing relationships between genetic information and disease.
2 Digital PCR technology: A highly sensitive genetic testing technology that is expected to find applications to detect cancer and other genes within the blood.
3 Companion diagnostics: Clinical testing performed to predict the efficacy and side effects of drugs before using them for treatment, particularly testing that is performed at the same time as pharmaceutical development.
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