Sysmex Launches New ASTRIM FIT Product for Noninvasive Measurement of Estimated Hemoglobin Levels

- Wide support for condition management, from top athletes to people who attend fitness clubs -

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) has launched a new product, called ASTRIM FIT, to measure estimated hemoglobin levels in peripheral blood without the need for blood sampling.

  In recent years, a growing number of athletes are monitoring their conditioning scientifically and using these results to adjust levels of nutritional support and training. Furthermore, for sports which require endurance, the importance of hemoglobin has become more widely recognized in relation to competitive performance1.
  At the same time, excessive training can lead to sports-related anemia (sports anemia). Although this condition was recognized to exist, in the past athletes were measured for this condition only infrequently because of the burden blood sampling would place on them.

  In 1999, Sysmex launched the ASTRIM SU, which measures estimated hemoglobin levels in peripheral blood vessels without the need for blood sampling. This product was introduced and is in place in many locations as a tool for monitoring athletic condition and for providing nutritional advice.

  The new-model ASTRIM FIT is even more compact than the ASTRIMU SU, allowing it to be used easily by anyone regardless of their location. After you simply insert a finger, the instrument provides a measurement of estimated hemoglobin levels in approximately 40 seconds. Furthermore, a suggested delivery list price one-third that of previous models puts the new instrument even within the range of people who are not top athletes. Sysmex hopes to expand this instrument's application to locations for training the youth who will be the main participants in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
  This product received the Good Design Award 2013, receiving high marks for its ability to measure estimated hemoglobin levels without the need for sampling, as well as its compactness and the exterior attractiveness of its housing.

  Going forward, Sysmex aims to expand its involvement in the wellness support field through high-value technologies, thereby contributing to further increases in the quality of life.

New Product Overview
1. Product Name: 

ASTRIM FIT health monitoring analyzer

2. Features:


  (1) Configuration: Compatible with standalone detector measurement and analysis/display
  (2) Power source:  AC adapter, battery operation (batteries optional) 
  (3) Measurement principle: Near-infrared spectroscopic imaging method2
  (4) Parameter measured: Estimated hemoglobin levels 
  (5) Parameters analyzed:  Blood vessel width (mm), VOI (no units), finger surface temperature (°C)
  (6) Measurement time:  Approx. 40 seconds
  (7) Size: 90mm (W) × 170mm (D) × 150mm (H)
  (8) Weight: 450g 
  (9) Suggested delivery list price:  ¥398,000 
  Note: This product is not a medical instrument. 

When preparing for marathon running, swimming and other sports where endurance is key, training at high elevations where oxygen concentrations are lower has become commonplace. In recent years, training at elevation has also become increasingly important among short-distance runners and soccer and rugby players aiming to enhance their performance.
Near-infrared spectroscopic imaging method:
Red and near-infrared light pass through the body relatively well and are easily absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood. The ASTRIM FIT impinges the finger joints with the light of these wavelengths, calculating estimated hemoglobin levels by analyzing the transfer images of blood vessels that are made visible on the opposite side.

ASTRIM FIT  Athlete Mizuki Noguchi (member of the Sysmex Women's Track & Field Team) uses ASTRIM FIT to monitor her condition on a daily basis Recipient of the Good Design Award 2013 

health monitoring analyzer

Athlete Mizuki Noguchi (member of the Sysmex Women's Track & Field Team) uses ASTRIM FIT to monitor her condition on a daily basis 

Recipient of the Good Design Award 2013
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