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Sysmex Commences a Service (for Research) Involving Analysis of Genetic Expression in Breast Cancer Tissue

- Working toward Personalized Medicine for the Treatment of Breast Cancer -

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) has recently
begun providing, in Japan, a service (for research) involving the analysis of genetic
expression in breast cancer tissue.

  Breast cancer affects one in 14 Japanese women1, making it the most prevalent cancer for this group. In recent years, determination of post-operative recurrence risk has become an important indicator for decision of the treatment in breast cancer patients, prioritizing treatment that maintains patients' quality of life (QOL). However, in some instances patients receive chemotherapy (anticancer drugs) even though their good prognoses.

  Sysmex's new assay service (for research) involving analysis of genetic expression in breast cancer tissue (Curebest™ 95GC Breast) provides the expression level of 95 different genes in the tissue which can be obtained using Microarray system of Affymetrix, Inc.  
  With this service, Sysmex, in Kobe, analyzes genetic expression of tissue samples sent from customers with special test sample transport kits. The data of gene expression can be provided as for research data to predict the recurrence of breast cancer after analyzing by a proprietary algorithm which Sysmex developed with Osaka University (Prof. Shinzaburo Noguchi, Breast and Endocrine Surgery)., Common assay services are being analyzing chiefly in Europe and the United States; but this new service allows results to be delivered to customers more swiftly by analyzing domestically.

  Sysmex has defined "innovating life sciences" as one of its core strategies. Under this strategy, we are working to create unique testing technologies in the area of molecular diagnostics, centering on cancer, and create new value through personalized medicine and by integrating therapy with diagnostics. To date, Sysmex has developed a highly precise technology (OSNA® method, One-step Nucleic Acid Amplification) for determining the existence of lymph node metastasis of breast, stomach and colorectal cancers in about only 30 minutes. We have introduced products employing this technology at numerous healthcare facilities, centered on Europe and Japan.   
  By testing the employment of the OSNA method and the recently introduced service (for research) involving analysis of genetic expressions, Sysmex aims to encourage the selection of surgical procedures or anticancer drug therapies best suited to individual breast cancer patients. In this manner, we are working toward cancer theranostics2 as personalized

 Going forward, Sysmex will continue working to develop and promote high-value testing that will contribute to improvements in QOL for patients, the standardization of medical services and the development of personalized medicine. 


Outline of the New Service
(1) Name: Curebest™ 95GC Breast
(2) Target market: Japan
(3) Price: ¥350,000/test

1 Source: Center for Cancer Control and Information Services, National Cancer Center
2 Theranostics: A composite word combining "therapy" and "diagnostics." 

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