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National Cancer Center and Sysmex Enter into Collaboration Agreement to Develop Cancer Diagnostic Reagents

- Promoting the Development of New Biomarkers -

  The National Cancer Center (President: Tomomitsu Hotta) and Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) entered into a comprehensive collaboration agreement on September 1, 2013, with the aim of jointly developing new in vitro diagnostic reagents.

  In vitro diagnostic reagents are test drugs that are used to diagnose illnesses based on blood or urine samples, or from tissue samples collected during surgery or from an endoscope or other instruments. These drugs are not used directly in the body. It is no stretch to say that accurate diagnosis is essential to accurate treatment, and that accurate diagnosis is indispensable when using drugs for molecularly targeted medicines.

  The objective of this agreement is for the two organizations to exchange information about biomarkers that the National Cancer Center discovers, and use analysis technology to develop and commercialize new diagnostic reagents, thereby energizing the R&D efforts of both parties. In the future, Sysmex anticipates offering the in vitro diagnostic reagents, which are developed in Sysmex, to the National Cancer Center for evaluation.

    Established in 1962, the National Cancer Center has become known as a key Japanese institution for cancer treatments and countermeasures. The center is also a research institution that is active in the development of new cancer diagnostic reagents and drugs for treatment.

  Sysmex, a comprehensive provider of in vitro diagnostic instruments, reagents and software, conducts R&D, manufacturing, sales and support services, and promotes research and technological development with the aim of generating high-value testing and diagnostic technologies in a variety of disease areas, including cancer and chronic conditions.

  While both parties so far have collaborated on the basis of independent programs, under the current agreement, the National Cancer Center and Sysmex are aiming to work closely together to rapidly develop and provide clinically valuable in vitro diagnostic reagents for cancer patients, which is the fundamental objective for both parties.

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