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Sysmex Establishes R&D Center Americas in the United States

- Accelerating the Globalization of our R&D Structure with the Aim of Realizing Personalized Medicine -

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) has established and commenced operations at the R&D Center Americas, its second overseas R&D base, following one in Europe. The new center is located at Sysmex America, Inc., our regional headquarters for the Americas.
  Positioning the R&D Center Americas as one of the global R&D base, under the concept of open innovation*, the new center will promote the integration of Sysmex’s myriad diagnostic technologies and research involving new testing technologies that is underway in the U.S. market to promote Sysmex’s technology strategy.

  Sysmex has worked to globalize its sales, service and support functions, and has reinforced its activities in individual national markets and developed its business on this basis. For the R&D function, as well, we are conducting joint research with prominent healthcare institutions and other entities to evaluate and acquire advanced knowledge and technologies in individual markets, as we work to globalize these activities. In 2006, Sysmex established the R&D Center Europe, which forges relationships with European research institutions, evaluates products prior to their market introduction, develops new clinical applications and pursues other R&D activities. Sysmex has also conducted joint research with healthcare institutions in the United States.

  Following its European center, Sysmex has recently established its second overseas R&D base, the R&D Center Americas. The new center is a research laboratory located within Sysmex America, our regional headquarters for the Americas. In July 2013, we commenced operations at the new center, which is staffed by four researchers. 

  Based on the Company’s technology strategy, in addition to conventional clinical testing, the R&D Center Americas will seek to combine technologies from outside the Company in the areas of personalized medicine and preventive medicine. To this end, we will pursue such strategic activities as joint research with U.S. healthcare institutions and the evaluation of technologies possessed by local companies in an effort to rapidly acquire useful leading-edge technologies.

  By combining newly acquired technologies with our own technologies, we will undertake initiatives to realize new tests that will enable early-stage detection and the selection of treatment methods for illnesses that were difficult to determine with conventional testing.
  Going forward, by linking the R&D activities conducted in the Americas and Europe and at our group’s core facility in Japan, we will take a systematic approach to broadening and deepening our R&D functions, thereby advancing our technologies further.

 Sysmex will continue to pursue R&D with the aim of creating highly valuable diagnostic technologies that serve to improve the quality of life (QOL) for people everywhere.  

*Open innovation: The combination of proprietary technologies with the technologies and ideas of other companies to generate innovative products and business models.

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