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Sysmex Extends Funding for Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine Course

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; President and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) has decided to extend funding of the “Assessment of Clinical Testing (Sysmex)” course offered by the Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, which commenced in October 2004, for another three years through September 2015. Building upon the results achieved to date, the work done through this course is advancing new research at the forefront of clinical testing worldwide.

  Clinical testing not only greatly improves the level of medical care at every stage, from diagnosis through treatment, by making possible the early detection of a variety of diseases, but also broadly contributes to the advance of medicine.

  In order to create further advances in clinical testing, Sysmex funded the establishment of the “Assessment of Clinical Testing (Sysmex)” course at Kobe University in October 2004, marking the commencement of research into the assessment of clinical testing based on scientific evidence.

  Work in this course has consisted of research into the development, demonstration and evaluation of new clinical testing technologies, including the research and study of autoimmune diseases such as connective tissue disease and rheumatism. A close network among the Kobe Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation, nearby flagship hospitals, and Sysmex will collaborate on this course continuously for three years. This will lead to advances in the development and verification of the utility of new clinical testing methods, bringing about the realization of personalized medicine, which is one of the challenges of 21st century medicine. In addition to bringing about accuracy in diagnoses, the achievements of this course also contribute to the establishment of methodologies that can provide patients with efficient treatment with low side-effects, so we expect it to make significant contributions to society.

  Sysmex is committed to continuing our contributions to medical advancement through support for local universities and other community contributions.

[Outline of Funded Course at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine]
Course venue: Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine Course title:
Assessment of Clinical Testing (Sysmex)
Professor: Kenichi Hirata
(Professor, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine/Department of Internal Medicine, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine)
Running period:  October 2012 – September 2015
Key research themes: Basic and clinical research for the scientific elucidation of the utility in a clinical setting of clinical testing, including new testing methods, biomarker discovery, diagnostic test evaluation, etc.
Total funds to be donated: ¥90 million over three years
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