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Domestic Reagent Production Facility News: Completion of New Ono Factory Wing

- Supports approximately 1.5 times the previous production volume -

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; President: Hisashi Ietsugu) has upgraded and made additions to the new wing of the Sysmex International Reagents Ono Factory (Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture), and has expanded and enhanced its production facilities. The aim of these upgrades is to cope with production increases in response to future increased domestic demand, as well as to handle production of concentrated reagent and other products used in the XN Series*, which was launched in May 2011. These upgrades will boost the production capacity of the Ono reagent production facility to 1.5 times its previous level when operations at the new wing commence in April 2012.

  The Ono Factory began operations as a Sysmex reagent production facility in 1991. It has handled reagent production for our company's core hematology business since that time, providing a stable supply of products mainly to the Japanese market but also to customers worldwide. The Ono Factory takes a strategic approach that takes into account changes in the market and fluctuations in demand, and is a pioneer in automation and production line expansion, leading the way for our overseas reagent production facilities.

  The facilities in the production areas of the new wing, such as the tank rooms and measuring rooms, have been upgraded and expanded so as to provide customers even greater assurance of supply stability. Also, measures such as rearranging the production areas according to the packaging format for each product have ensured that the expanded production area can respond flexibly to demand fluctuation and new product manufacturing needs.

  We have also installed new production facilities capable of automated reagent packaging (paper containers and reagent cartridges), including that for the concentrated reagent used in Sysmex's new XN Series* of products. The result is broad improvement in production efficiency.

  Part of the new wing has been established as a testing area for new production technology, strengthening our structure for tying production technology development to the actual production site. This allows us to improve environmental-friendliness and uniformity in container and packaging, so as to better meet customer needs by offering improved usability.

  The Ono Factory will continue to aim to provide stable product supply and efficient production, befitting its role as the global center for reagent production innovation.

For more information about the XN Series please refer to the following press release:
May 10, 2011 Press Release
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- Securing Our Position as the Undisputed Global Leader in Hematology -

Location: Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture
Total investment (structure and facilities): ¥990 million
Planned commencement of operations: April 2012

Completed image

Completed image of New Ono Factory

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