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Sysmex Announces New Group Mid-Term Management Plan

- Three-Year R&D Expenditure of Around ¥45.0 Billion and Aggressive Investment in M&A -

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; President: Hisashi Ietsugu) has formulated a new Mid-Term Management Plan for the three years ending March 31, 2014. The new plan is designed to maintain our high level of growth and further enhance profitability.
  This Group Mid-Term Management Plan calls for the extension of the long-term goals and core strategies established in 2007. Through these developments and initiatives to meet the key objectives that we will be focusing on over the next three years, as well as investing some ¥45.0 billion in R&D, by the final year of the plan-the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014-we expect to achieve net sales of ¥175.0 billion and operating income of ¥26.5 billion. We also plan to invest aggressively in M&A in order to expand beyond the limits of organic growth.

  The global healthcare market promises ongoing growth, driven by graying populations in advanced countries and efforts in emerging markets to expand their healthcare infrastructures in line with population increase and economic development. The industry also presents new growth opportunities by organizations that aggressively leverage advances in genetic/molecular diagnostics and communication technologies. At the same time, however, competition is likely to grow fiercer, as players from other industries enter the fields and the participation by companies in emerging countries becomes more conspicuous.

  Sysmex has achieved high growth by anticipating market changes and adopting unique strategies, such as establishing its operations globally, expanding its product portfolio and providing appropriate solutions and advanced support to customers.
  To maintain our high level of Group growth and further enhance profitability amid the major changes that are forecast to occur in our operating environment, we have taken this opportunity to renew the long-term goals and core strategies that we formulated in 2007. Based on new long-term goals and core strategies, this Group Mid-Term Management Plan is designed to propel us toward the objectives of our Long-Term Vision.
1. Long-Term Vision
1) Long-Term Vision
A Unique & Global Healthcare Testing Company
2) Long-Term Goals
(1) Positioning
- Undisputed Global Leader in Hematology
- Leading Company in Asian IVD*1
- Leading Company in Theranostics*2
*1: Acronym for in-vitro diagnostics.
*2: Composite word (Therapy + Diagnostics) means testing with high clinical value to realization of personalized medicine
(2) Financial Target
- Consolidated net sales of ¥500 billion
3) Core strategies
(1) Leading Hematology
  Sysmex has become a global leader in the field of hematology by providing products with high levels of quality and usability, as well as advanced after-sales support, in more than 160 countries throughout the world. Going forward, we plan to further leverage our collective strengths to seize the position of undisputed global leader. 
  As the industry frontrunner, by applying advanced technologies and through ongoing R&D initiatives, we aim to create new value in the area of blood disorder diagnosis. At the same time, we will continue to grow through our leadership role in next-generation hematology.
(2) Leading in Emerging Markets
  As the sole global player in the IVD field that is based in Asia, Sysmex aims to be the leading company in Asia in this field.
  Leveraging the advantages we have cultivated in Asia, we aim to become a comprehensive IVD supplier in emerging markets-which are expected to grow rapidly-by launching products tailored to market needs and enhancing our sales and support networks.
  By reinforcing our advantages in Asia, we aim to take a leading position in this region's IVD market. We will also lead the development of diagnostics markets within these countries.
(3) Innovating Life Science
  In the Life Science, we aim to create unique testing techniques employing new technologies in the area of Theranostics, particularly for cancer. 
  By combining our own technologies with those from others, we engage in initiatives to create new value in the Life Science, such as integrating personalized medicine with treatment and diagnosis and we aim to secure a global position.
2. Group Mid-Term Management Plan
1) Mid-Term Goals (Consolidated)


Year Ending March 31, 2012

Year Ending March 31, 2014

(Three Years)

Net sales

¥138.0 billion

¥175.0 billion


Operating income

¥20.5 billion

¥26.5 billion


Operating income ratio






Free cash flow

¥4.6 billion

¥10.0 billion

2) Net Sales Goals by Destination


Year Ending March 31, 2012

Year Ending March 31, 2014

(Three Years)


¥39.5 billion

¥42.5 billion



¥29.4 billion

¥38.5 billion



¥39.6 billion

¥48.0 billion



¥19.2 billion

¥32.0 billion


Asia Pacific

¥10.3 billion

¥14.0 billion


Note: Assumed exchange rates during the period of the Mid-Term Management Plan









3. Key Objectives

Accelerate Growth in Asia and Other Emerging Markets

  High levels of growth are forecast for the emerging markets such as China, South and Southeast Asia and others, and we will reinforce our sales and support networks within these markets to take advantage of robust ongoing growth in the fields of hematology and hemostasis. To support this rapid growth, we will enhance our manufacturing and supply structures to raise their efficiency, in some cases by shifting the manufacture of reagents to local factories.

  In preparation to enter the fields of clinical chemistry and immunochemistry, we will expand our product portfolio of instruments and reagents, taking advantage of alliances and other methods.

  We will tailor our business model to volume zones in high-growth emerging markets by employing financing schemes and introducing comprehensive solutions that package together instruments, reagents, support, IT and other services for multiple testing fields.


Establish Undisputed Leadership Position and Increase Profitability in Hematology

  Hematology is a core field of business for the Sysmex Group, constituting an important base of revenues and profits. By launching a new flagship model, the XN-Series, we plan to further solidify our global leadership position in this area.

  To meet increasingly sophisticated and diverse testing needs, we will redouble our efforts to offer solutions incorporating communications technologies and support, working proactively to offer new value as the global leader.


Accelerate Growth in Non-Hematology Fields*3 and Lay the Foundations for Future Expansion

  As our second pillar of business, we will strive to increase our presence and achieve growth in IVD categories outside the field of hematology. In the fields of hemostasis and urinalysis, we will work to develop our business on a global scale through the combination of in-house developments and alliances. As well as by enhancing our portfolio of products, centered on instruments, we will develop non-hematology reagents and their raw materials, bolster our manufacturing and supply structures, and lay the groundwork for future growth.

*3: Non-hematology fields: in-vitro diagnostics fields excluding hematology but including hemostasis, immunochemistry, urinalysis, clinical chemistry and others.


Promote Commercialization of the Life Science Business

  Sysmex will continue introducing its system for rapid detection of breast cancer lymph node metastasis based on the one-step nucleic acid amplification (OSNA) method, which enables automated examinations for the first time in Japan, to other key markets around the world in addition to Japan and Europe. The Company remains committed to application of the OSNA method to other types of cancer, and to increasing synergies by expanding its product portfolio. We will also take advantage of new testing methods to develop lab assay services*4 and promote other efforts to commercialize the life science business.

*4: Provision of laboratory testing results as services


Proactively Leverage M&A and Alliance Opportunities to Expand Our Portfolio of Businesses and Realize discontinuous Growth

  In addition to accelerating growth in the hematology, non-hematology and life science businesses, we plan to mount an aggressive effort to expand our portfolio of businesses by taking advantage of M&A and alliance opportunities. This should enable us to accelerate the Group's growth beyond the limits of organic one.

  To this end, in addition to our existing departments in charge of formulating strategies and promoting business, we have set up a department dedicated to M&A and alliance activities. By pursuing these opportunities, we will work actively to uncover new business opportunities

This Mid-Term Management Plan incorporates judgments and expectations based on the information available to management at the time the plan was formulated. Accordingly, the plan is subject to revision in line with changes in economic conditions and industry trends in major markets.

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    but may be subject to change without prior notice.

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