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Sysmex Establishes Subsidiary in Russia, Stepping up Sales and Support Activities

- Local Subsidiaries Now in Place in All BRICs Countries -

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; President: Hisashi Ietsugu) announces the establishment of Sysmex RUS LLC, a move designed to spearhead the Company’s business expansion in Russia-one of the BRICs countries, where market growth is anticipated. The new subsidiary will begin operations in April, commencing some sales and support activities from that date in Russia.

  Oil revenues are prompting economic growth and ongoing market expansion in Russia, one of the BRICs countries, and demand for healthcare is rising, along with that for automobiles and information technology. The Russian government has named healthcare development as a priority, as it battles such issues as the short average lifespan of its citizens and infant mortality. 
  Against this backdrop, Sysmex expects the country’s diagnostics market to expand. In line with a growing concentration of labs in Moscow and other urban areas, in addition to demand for individual products, the market environment is developing in a manner that will benefit from “solution proposals,” which suggest ways to optimize the overall diagnostic process flow. Outside the country’s urban areas, however, the automation of testing remains relatively undeveloped. We see the provision of the infrastructure that will allow this automation as a business opportunity.
  Sysmex established a representative office in Moscow in 2005, which since that time has supported the activities of the Company’s distributors and conducted scientific seminars. To date, Sysmex has provided support through distributors, centering on large-scale facilities in urban areas. By establishing a local subsidiary, Sysmex intends to expand its operations to small and medium-sized regional healthcare facilities. As it augments its sales and support offerings in Russia, Sysmex aims to maintain the favorable relationships it has cultivated with local distributors as it strives to meet the needs of local customers and enhance customer satisfaction. The subsidiary will also redouble its efforts involving scientific seminars-one of Sysmex’s fortes, in tandem with sales efforts targeting further market penetration.
  Its establishment of a subsidiary in Russia completes Sysmex’s drive to form subsidiaries in each of the four BRICs markets. Going forward, Sysmex will reinforce its global sales and support network, as well as hosting scientific seminars, thereby contributing to the advancement of healthcare.
Outline of the New Subsidiary
Name: Sysmex RUS LLC
Moscow, Russia
Günter Schmidt
January 11, 2011
Capital supplied by:
Sysmex Europe GmbH 
(Sysmex Europe GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation)
Line of business:
Sales of diagnostic instruments, reagents and laboratory information
systems, and related after-sales support
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