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Aiming to the Leading Company in Asia in In-Vitro Diagnostics Sysmex Expanding Portfolio of Clinical Chemistry Products Targeting China and Other Countries in Asia

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Hyogo, Japan; President: Hisashi Ietsugu), aims to become the leading company in Asia in in-vitro diagnost
ics. As the scale of this market is growing substantially, Sysmex is expanding its portfolio of products in the field of clinical chemistry. Within the in-vitro diagnostics category, the Company believes that this segment has the potential for particularly high levels of growth, especially in China and other countries in Asia.
  Accordingly, Sysmex has concluded an agreement with JEOL Ltd. (HQ: Akishima, Tokyo, Japan; President: Gon'emon Kurihara) and Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. (HQ: Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan; President: Yukio Furuno) involving the sale of automated clinical chemistry analyzers. Under this accord, Sysmex will utilize its own distribution network to sell the automated clinical chemistry analyzers and reagents in China and other countries in Asia from October, 2010.

  Clinical chemistry is the second-largest market in the field of in-vitro diagnostics, following immunochemistry. However, clinical chemistry, which involves screening to test liver, kidney and other functions, is the largest segment in the emerging markets as China and other countries in Asia, where economic growth is prompting the development of healthcare environments. In the future, the number of diabetes and other patients in emerging markets is likely to increase as standards of living rise, causing the clinical chemistry market to expand.
  The acceleration growth of non-hematology fields* in in-vitro diagnostics is a key objective of the Sysmex Group's Mid-term Management plan, which is designed to guide the Company through the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012. Accordingly, Sysmex is working to increase its presence in non-hematology markets, to create a pillar of growth following hematology. In Japan and other countries in Asia, Sysmex is working to extend the range of solutions it offers in the fields of immunochemistry and clinical chemistry. The current expansion of its clinical chemistry product portfolio in China and other countries in Asia is one facet of this growth.
  Under the current agreement, Sysmex will expand its offering of instruments to screen for diabetes-an area where demand in Asia is expected to increase-by testing HbA1c, as well as testing for other clinical chemistry parameters.
  In the past, Sysmex has offered automated clinical chemistry analyzers for small and medium-sized hospitals. However, in response to increasing market needs for such instruments for larger hospitals, Sysmex has decided to commence sales of JEOL's JCA-BM6010/C, a high-throughput instrument requiring only small volume of samples. For smaller hospitals, we will offer compact instrument with high capability, manufactured by Furuno Electric but Sysmex branded. 
  Sysmex will manufacture the reagents for these instruments at its factory in China, ensuring a stable supply.
  Going forward, Sysmex will continue to leverage its product portfolio and sales and support network, as it aims to become the leading company in Asia in in-vitro diagnostics. 
* non-hematology fields: coagulation, immunochemistry, urinalysis, clinical chemistry (other than hematology)
[Core Strategies of Mid-term Management Plan]
(1) Global Niche No. 1 
  Tapping into its advantages in the hematology field, where it now holds the No. 1 position across the globe, the company will advance the concept of "greater hematology" by branching out into testing services in related areas including coagulation tests (horizontal development), and deepening the field through the creation of new tests for the diagnosis of hematological diseases (vertical development). The company aims to become the global No. 1 player in the urinalysis field as well.
  In order to seize the new market opportunities which are being brought about by market expansion in emerging countries, as well as technological innovation and changes in the maturing markets of advanced countries, the company will take advantage of its leading position and take the initiative, thereby sustaining the future growth of its business.
(2) Focus on Asia 
  Being the sole global player in the diagnostics field that is based in Asia, the company will remain committed to becoming a leading company in the in-vitro diagnostics field in all of Asia, including Japan.
  The company will consolidate its position in Japan, China and the Asia-Pacific region by introducing new analyzers in clinical chemistry and immunochemistry, establishing a reagent supply system, and strengthening after-sales support. The company will also broaden the range of its offerings in other areas, thereby expanding its business in Asia, including Japan.
(3) Focus on Life Science 
  In the life science area, the company intends to establish its position as a leading company in the niche markets based upon the concept of disease management.
  In the cancer diagnosis and diabetes fields, as well as other specific disease-oriented fields where R&D efforts are being made, the company will expedite its research, commercialization efforts, and programs to increase market awareness of new testing techniques, in order to bring the fruits of life science research into the market. 
[JEOL Product Overview]
Name: JCA-BM6010/C automated clinical chemistry analyzer
Throughput: 1200 tests/hour (with ISE unit)
Features: 1) Measures HbA1c
  2) Requires only small amounts of test samples and reagents, reduced usage of pure
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