Policies and Frameworks

Information Security Policy

Basic Philosophy on Information Security

The Sysmex Group recognizes that protecting customers’ and business partners’ information assets is a sign of trust and quality. The Group strives to ensure that its officers and employees and other persons who handle information assets comply with this Policy and maintain and improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets. 

Basic Policy

  1. The Company establishes and continuously improves the Information Security Policy and complies with laws, regulations, and contracts.

  3. It assesses and analyzes risks to information assets and takes appropriate security measures.

  5. The Information Security General Manager appointed by the President oversees the implementation and improvement of the framework and policies. The officers and employees of the Company improve their information security awareness by receiving regular education and training.

  7. The Company regularly inspects and audits compliance with the Information Security Policy and the handling of information assets and swiftly takes corrective measures for any deficiencies discovered and particulars requiring improvement.

  9. In order to deliver reliable reassurance to customers and patients, the Company promotes cybersecurity measures throughout its products and services.

  11. If an incident occurs, the Company makes swift and appropriate responses and takes measures to minimize damage and prevent recurrence. The Company establishes, reviews, and revises its management framework for incidents which may interrupt business to ensure its business continuity.

  13. The Company establishes and runs an information security management system which sets goals to achieve the basic philosophy, and continuously reviews, revises, and improves the system.

Established on April 1, 2024
Kaoru Asano, President