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Introducing "Sysmex Smart Work" to Promote Work Style Reform under the “New Normal”

Sysmex believes that people constitute one of the most important management resources to sustain business growth. Accordingly, we are making constant efforts to create an attractive workplace where diverse people can thrive and demonstrate their talents without constraint in accordance with the core behaviors of the "Sysmex Way", the corporate philosophy of the Sysmex Group.
The spread of COVID-19 has, for better or worse, given momentum to work style and organizational climate reforms, on top of the ongoing initiatives to change the ways we work and to promote diversity and inclusion within the Sysmex Group. Against this backdrop, the new work system, Sysmex Smart Work (the "System"), was kicked off in Sysmex Corporation in June 2021.

■ Objectives

We decided to introduce the System to realize work styles that respect the individuality of each employee, match the operating environment under the New Normal, and enhance productivity. We also strive to provide an attractive workplace environment and organizational climate by way of effective communication and superb teamwork among members, regardless of where or when they happen to be working.

■ About the System1

A hybrid work style that mixes the best of both worlds
As a responsible player in the healthcare domain, Sysmex has adopted a hybrid work style, which combines physical workplaces (e.g., working at offices) with working in remote settings (e.g., working from home), so that patients and medical institutions may avail themselves of our products and services with confidence. Our goal is to establish a flexible work style that promotes productivity by seeking to bolster physical communication both within and outside the company while also improving work-life balance in remote settings.

Realizing diverse employment conditions and work-life balance by allowing employees to choose from a range of workplaces and times
Now that it is technically possible to communicate remotely using various tools, we are making arrangements for “work-from-other-places-than-home”2 as well. We will also ensure greater freedom in employees' time management so that they can achieve a work-life balance by combining flex-time hours, staggered commuting, and "work-segmenting" depending on the nature of their duties and individual lifestyles.

By taking advantage of the System, we will allow our employees to work from anywhere without being constrained by time or place, in a bid to increase productivity, improve work-life balance, and enhance employee engagement.


  1. While COVID-19 is still prevalent, a provisional version of the System with partially changed conditions, such as increasing the ratio of work-from-home and encouraging employees to work remotely, is in effect.
  2. Sysmex establishments in their neighborhood, leased offices, own/spouse's hometowns, etc.
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