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Sysmex Selected as a Winner of New Diversity Management Selection 100 for FY2020

Sysmex Corporation is proud to announce that it has been selected as one of the winners of the New Diversity Management Selection 100.

In FY2012, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) launched the Diversity Management Selection 100 (METI Minister’s Award) with the aim of expanding the base of companies engaged in diversity management and honoring companies that empower diverse human resources to create value.
Then, in FY2015, METI introduced the New Diversity Management Selection 100, which sets key themes in areas that are expected to expand going forward. A total 268 companies have been selected under the program over the last eight years.

Sysmex considers human resources an important management resource for achieving sustainable growth, and we have evolved from practicing “diversity,” which simply involves welcoming diverse human resources, to practicing “diversity and inclusion.” This new approach involves creating an inclusive working environment that is suitable for a wide variety of people. Our major initiatives to promote diversity management related to the award are as follows:

Appointing Diverse Personnel as Executives
In 2014, we appointed a foreign executive who also serves as the head of one of our overseas local subsidiaries, and since 2016, a female executive has been part of management.

Promoting Diversity in Careers
Based on a Group-wide global human resources development system, we cultivate a sense of unity among all employees around the globe, while developing next-generation leaders. In April 2020, we introduced a job-based human resources management system aimed at developing leaders who are expected to be successful in the global arena as well as highly trained professionals.

Successful Foreign Employees
Since 2012, we have instituted year-round hiring to create an environment that enables us to hire talented personnel in Japan and from abroad in a timely manner. Beginning in 2014, we initiated direct recruitment from overseas universities. Unique ideas and insights into our work offered by foreign employees combined with the strengths of Japanese employees such as a strategic mindset and conscientious attitude have created a synergistic effect with a positive impact. 

Achieving sustainable growth requires us to work at promoting diversity and inclusion as well as creating workplaces that are easy to work in and are fulfilling and appealing. Going forward, we will continue working to create a culture of innovation and to generate value by leveraging synergies arising out of different values, ideas, experiences, and capabilities, as well as aiming to become your company of choice.
  • Sysmex Selected as a Winner of New Diversity Management Selection 100 for FY2020
  METI’s “New Diversity Management Selection 100 / Diversity Management Selection 100 Prime” Website(in Japanese) 
  Promotion of Diversity, from Sysmex Sustainability Data Book
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