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Oct. 04, 2011

Sysmex Wins Good Design Award 2011
New "Silent Design®" Concept Rated Highly

  Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; President: Hisashi Ietsugu) today announced its receipt of the Good Design Award 2011 for its highly rated in vitro diagnostic system employing the Company's new "Silent Design®" concept.

  In the past, in vitro diagnostic systems have typically focused on improvements in functionality and performance leading to advances in testing speed and accuracy. In addition to such functionality and performance rises, Sysmex's new "Silent Design®" concept concentrates on enhancing instrument usability by clinical laboratory technicians. While ensuring overall consistency throughout the in vitro diagnostic system, importance is placed on raising lab usability through highly recognizable design of key individual components.
  The current Good Design Award was received for the application of design considerations to this product family and the high rating accorded to their expression of form.
  Going forward, Sysmex plans to continue providing customers with easy-to-use products based on its new "Silent Design®" concept.
Good Design Award 2011 Overview
Name of award received: In vitro diagnostic system and an approach to its design
Product: Design Studio S Fumie SHIBATA
GUI: Soft Device Inc.
Note: GUI, an acronym for graphical user interface, refers to the screen design.
 Judges' comments:
"Medical equipment designs typically concentrate on 1) enhancing usability by medical professionals, 2) improving patient peace of mind and 3) suitability with the hospital environment. We accorded this diagnostic instrument particularly high marks in the first category. The product caters to diagnostic instrument workflow diversity and specialized field-specific clinical technologists. At the same time, in response to the recent increase in people taking over responsibility for different fields owing to a downward trend in the number of clinical technologists, the design provides consistency of form and dissimilarity to prevent misoperation, making equipment more recognizable through its design. Furthermore, the ultimate exterior design is a sophisticated expression of form that symbolizes function and performance."
Example of product receiving award
XN-Series multiparameter automated hematology analyzers (Product model: XN-9000)

Overview of the Good Design Award
  The Good Design Award is a Japanese comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system operated since 1998 by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). The system has its origins in the "Good Design Selection System" (known as the "G-Mark System") instituted by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) of Japan in 1957. The award system was established more than 50 years ago to encourage the creation of a new culture and lifestyle and in the belief that good design is essential to prosperous lifestyles and good business. More than 37,000 Good Design Awards have been given since the inception of the system, which nowadays counts numerous Japanese and overseas companies and other organizations among its participants. Furthermore, the "G-Mark," which is borne by Good Design Award recipients, is widely recognized as symbolizing excellence in design. 
URL: (Good Design Award website)

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