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Corporate Philosophy and Brand

Corporate Brand

The Symbol of Sysmex, which is
“Shaping the advancement of healthcare.”

The corporate logo serves as a symbol of the Sysmex Group’s mission: “Shaping the advancement of healthcare.” It also symbolizes our step to the next stage.

Brand Identity

Brand Promise

Sysmex’s Innovative, out-of-the-box approach makes it the industry front-runner who is shaping the future of healthcare today. As a brand that continually pursues innovations in diagnostic technologies to build a solid healthcare foundation that people can count on, Sysmex makes three brand promises:

From healthcare testing to healthcare:
Continue to push the frontiers of healthcare testing in pursuit of innovation.

Combine and sublime contradicting ideas with a view that looks to diversity as a source for creating new value.

Leverage Sysmex’s advanced technological capabilities to reassure people that it provides the total healthcare solution that will lead to a healthier life.

Brand Personality

Combine the personalities of a front-runner (innovation/advancement) and Trust and Confidence to create Sysmex’s uniqueness.
Because we are a front-runner, we continue to take on people’s new anxieties and create unprecedented,absolute reassurance.

Logo Concept

The mark which combines two contrasting elements symbolizes the fusion and sublimation of two contrasting ideas.The shape reminds us of the infinity symbol “∞” and illustrates the unlimited possibilities of Sysmex.
The ocean and mountain design evokes the evolution of life as well as the kobe landscape, the birthplace of Sysmex.

The solid but soft logotype communicates friendliness and humanity. It symbolizes Sysmex’s commitment to delivering good health and confidence to people via its advanced technologies.

Sysmex Blue

・New corporate color. Sysmex Blue

・Commitment and pride of a front-runner

・Evolutive, innovative and advanced characteristics of a front-runner

・Inheriting and building on Sysmex’s traditional image:
 intelligent, clean and stability

Sysmex Green Mountain

・People’s health and confidence

・Coexistence, harmony and balance with the earth and natural environment.

Corporate Message

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