Research & Development

R&D Vision and Directions

R&D Vision

Sysmex Way
Providing highly valuable diagnostics testing to optimize and standardize medical care

● Improvement in QOL / Extension of healthy life expectancy
●Increasing of medical economy value

We believe that it is our mission to contribute to ongoing developments in healthcare and human health.
We are working to provide creative new high-value testing and diagnostic technologies to realize personalized medicine optimized for individuals.

R&D Directions

In addition to expanding its operations in existing in vitro diagnostics (IVD) domains, Sysmex is working on initiatives promoting personalized healthcare that responds to individual characteristics and primary care that offers testing nearby patients.
In the area of personalized healthcare, we are developing companion diagnostic drugs related to drug regimens and liquid biopsy technologies* that allow more information to be obtained from the blood.
We are developing testing methods with fewer burdens on patients, miniaturization technology, and aiming at improving operability for achieving primary care strategy.
  • Detection of cancer or other diseases by testing blood or other bodily fluids. This type of testing is less invasive than conventional physical biopsies.
R&D Directions