R&D History

R&D History

This section introduces the Sysmex Group’s world-first technologies, unique R&D and successes in commercialization.


Hematology Analyzer Development

Hematology testing has led to dramatic improvements in the precision and efficiency of automated hematology analyzers.

Hematology Japan’s first semi-automated hematology analyzer


Core Technology for Hematology Analyzers

Adopting speed and accuracy as our motto, we have promoted automation in an effort to eliminate errors.

Hematology CC-710 Japan’s first fully automated hematology analyzer


Expansion into other clinical diagnostics fields

We made a full-fledged entry into the fields of coagulation and immunological testing.
We worked at improving speed in order to meet market needs.

Hematology Multiparameter automated hematology analyzer
Blood coagulation analyzer CA-100 Automated blood coagulation analyzer
Blood coagulation analyzer CA-3000 Fully automated blood coagulation analyzer
Immunochemistry PAMIA-10 Automated immunochemical analyzer
Hematology World’s first automated reticulocyte analyzer
Hematology Multiparameter automated hematology analyzer


Initiatives in the Business of Hematology Analysis Systems

To reduce testing costs and labor, we have worked to systematize our instruments.

Urinalysis UA-1000 Automated urine sediment analyzer
Hematological testing SE-9000 Automated Hematology Analyzer
ICT DPS-2000 Data processing unit for hematological testing
Others FPIA-1000 Flow-type particle imaging instrument
System HST Series World’s first comprehensive hematology system
ICT SIS Series Clinical laboratory information system
Urinalysis UF-100 World’s first fully automated system for the analysis of formed elements in urine
ICT LAFIA Blood cell image filing system
Hematology KX-21 Multiparameter automated hematology analyzer
Hematology Automated Hematology Analyzer
Others ASTRIM World’s first non-invasive peripheral vascular monitoring system


Expanding into the life science field

We are promoting the development of new testing technologies aimed at realizing cancer “disease management.”

Others SD-2000 Instrument for measuring sheath flow electrical resistance particle size distribution
ICT MOLIS Clinical laboratory information system
Hematology SP-1000i Smear preparation unit
Blood coagulation analyzer CS-2000i Fully automated blood coagulation analyzer
Hematology XE-5000 Automated Hematology Analyzer
Immunochemistry HISCL-2000i Fully automated immunoassay system
POC POCTEM S Rapid respiratory infection diagnosis kit
Life Sciences RD-100i Gene amplification detector
Hematology XT-4000i Automated Hematology Analyzer


Taking on Challenges in New Domains

Start of research on testing and diagnostic technologies applying new technologies in such areas as gene, protein and cell analysis


Urinalysis UX-2000 World’s first fully automated integrated urine analyzer
Hematology XN Series Automated Hematology Analyzer
Life Sciences C2P Breast Lab assay service (research use) to predict the recurrence of breast cancer
Hematology XP Series Automated Hematology Analyzer
Immunochemistry HISCL-5000 Fully automated immunoassay system
Immunochemistry HISCL-800 Fully automated immunoassay system
Blood coagulation analyzer CS-2400/2500 Fully automated blood coagulation analyzer
Life Sciences LC-1000 Exfoliative cell analyzer
Blood coagulation analyzer CS-1600 Fully automated blood coagulation analyzer
Urinalysis UF-5000
Fully Automated Analyzers of Formed Elements in Urine
Urinalysis UC-3500 Fully-Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer
ICT U-WAM Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System
Urinalysis UD-10 Fully-Automated Imaging Unit for Formed Elements in Urine