Research & Development

R&D Domains

At Sysmex, personnel with expertise in various areas, such as machinery, information and organisms, develop instruments and the reagents used with them.
Sysmex is currently creating technologies to determine abnormally functioning cells in the blood with a high degree of precision and technologies for detecting minute changes in genes. Through these initiatives, we are aiming to realize personalized medicine by liquid biopsy* in cancer and a variety of other disease fields.

  • Detection of cancer or other diseases by testing blood or other bodily fluids. This type of testing is less invasive than conventional physical biopsies.
Disease Fields

Sysmex’s R&D

Gene measurement technologies

Gene analysis technologies for personalized medicine, such as prediction of onset, recurrence risk and therapeutic efficacy.

Cell measurement technologies

Technologies to detect and analyze the characteristics of rare and abnormal cells in the blood.

Protein measurement technologies

Protein analysis technologies for medical treatment and early detection of infectious diseases, cancer and heart diseases.

Knowledge underpinning R&D

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Information science
  • Electronic engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Applied physics 
  • Biology