Sysmex in Brief


Our extensive product lineup underscores our prowess as a comprehensive supplier.

A solid lineup of diagnostic instruments, specialized reagents and sophisticated software is the hallmark of a company that delivers superior performance.
As a comprehensive supplier, Sysmex provides all the instruments, reagents and software that are needed for in vitro diagnostics. We combine these elements to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
From the compact products used at practitioners' offices and clinics to the sophisticated equipment found in large-scale hospitals and testing centers, Sysmex offers a complete lineup of products suited to a host of testing environments.
Our strength comes from our ability to cover a wide range of testing fields—not only hematology, but also hemostasis, immunochemistry and urinalysis.

Our integrated systems help instill trust and confidence.

The testing that underpins medical care requires uncompromising dedication to quality.
In addition to equipment, ensuring consistently accurate testing results also necessitates maintenance and other after-sales support. To improve our products and services, we share customer comments throughout the Group and reflect this input in our research and development.
Sysmex has created a global structure that integrates production, sales and after-sales support. This organization allows us to respond to the complex needs and varied issues that medical institutions face.
Thanks to this integrated structure, Sysmex is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive proposals that instill trust and confidence and earn high marks among customers around the world.

We have a solid revenue structure that is relatively impervious to economic downturns.

Like the business model for printers and toner, even after customers purchase our diagnostic instruments, they purchase specialized reagents when they perform testing.
In addition, Sysmex builds customer trust and confidence by offering after-sales support. These services serve as another stable source of revenue.

After selling instruments, we generate ongoing revenues from reagents and maintenance services.
We also enjoy stable revenues, as sales of reagents and maintenance services are relatively unaffected by economic downturns.

Composition of Sales by Product