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We contribute to your health through testing.

Two types of testing are performed during medical examinations and at hospitals to diagnose and treat illness. One type is in vivo diagnostics, which involves testing the body directly. These tests include x-rays, electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms. The other type, which tests blood, urine and cells, is called in vitro diagnostics.
Sysmex develops, produces and sells instruments, reagents and software used in in vitro diagnostics. Our products are found at the hospitals and testing centers you visit.
Clinical Testing

Sysmex holds the top share of the global market in the hematology field.

In vitro diagnostics" covers many types of testing. Sysmex focuses on hematology, which includes testing to determine the number, type and size of red, white and other blood cells. Our diagnostics cover nearly every type of in vitro diagnostics in this domain.
Patients usually undergo hematology testing when they first visit a hospital, as the blood that courses through the body provides a host of information on the state of a patient's health.
Sysmex's products are used by medical institutions in Japan and throughout the world. In the global market, we rank in the top 10 in in vitro diagnostics. In hematology, we hold the top share of the global market.

Our Principal Diagnostics Fields


Hematology Field

Measuring and analyzing the number, type and size of red, white and other blood cells can be used to check for anemia and infectious and other diseases.

Hemostasis Field

This field helps support the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment of conditions in which the blood does not clot (such as hemophilia) and conditions resulting from blood clots (such as cerebral infarction).

Immunochemistry Field

Immunochemistry tests are performed on blood serum, the supernatant fluid isolated after blood separation, to check for the existence of the hepatitis virus, measure the thyroid hormone and determine the incidence of cancer.

Urinalysis field

Testing urine for the presence and status of sugars, proteins and blood cells helps medical professionals diagnose a variety of illnesses.

Clinical Chemistry Field

Measuring the enzymes, sugars and proteins that are present in blood serum and plasma allows medical professionals to determine a body's nutritional status and liver and kidney functions, as well as to test for such diseases as hyperlipemia and arteriosclerosis.

Life Science Field

The use of leading-edge technologies for analyzing genes and proteins enables molecular diagnosis related to various conditions, particularly cancer.

Animal Hospitals

Our products for animals are useful in managing the health of dogs, cats and other pets, as well as aquarium dolphins and zoo animals.

Sports Facilities

Our health monitoring analyzer can estimate hemoglobin levels without blood sampling, which is useful in monitoring athletic condition.

We conduct business in more than 190 countries.

Overseas business development has been a focus for Sysmex since its establishment. We operate R&D, production, sales and customer support facilities throughout the world to ensure that we deliver products and services that meet the needs of the regions in which we operate.
Currently, we have more than 50 overseas subsidiaries, and we provide products and after-sales support in more than 190 countries.
We conduct business in more than 190 countries.