Realization of an Attractive Workplace

Respecting Workers’ Rights

Upholding the Freedom of Labor Association and Recognizing the Right to Collective Bargaining

Participating in the UN Global Compact and Supporting the ILO’s Core Labour Standards

Sysmex respects workers rights to labor association and collective bargaining, based on its participation in the UN Global Compact and support for the ILO’s Core Labour Standards.

All Sysmex Corporation employees, except executive employees and some in managerial posts, are members of the Sysmex Union, the in-house labor union. In fiscal 2017, membership accounted for 62% of employees. Overseas Group companies, including Jinan Sysmex, Sysmex Wuxi, Sysmex Thailand, Sysmex Vietnam and HYPHEN BioMed, have also formed labor unions.

Labor–Management Dialogue

Engaging in Dialogue with Labor Unions at Group Companies

Each year, Sysmex Corporation engages in collective bargaining with the Sysmex Union.

In addition to regular council meetings, in fiscal 2017 labor and management met to discuss health-enhancing activities, the management of working hours, welfare and benefit systems and other measures. We also hold similar types of dialogue with labor unions of overseas Group companies.

Employee Opinions Reflected in Management

To reflect employee opinions at the managemet level, Sysmex conducts a Corporate Culture Survey once every two years, covering all employees. We analyze the results of this survey and promote improvement initiatives targeting any problems or issues.